#1 On My Bowhunting Hit List

I’ve gotten a few pictures of this buck on my Moultrie i45 trail camera so far this summer, and he looks like a really good buck.  The photos were taken 3 different times as he was headed down a trail leading to my food plot.  And all 3 of those times were in daylight. So far he is #1 on my deer hunting hit list for this fall, but his buddy in the one picture isn’t too bad either. If he shows up alone, he may just get an arrow sent his way as well.

This is the 3rd summer I have owned my property and this is the most summer buck activity I have ever seen. This year I have corn and soybeans along with milo and wheat in my food plots. I think that is what is keeping the bucks around. Plus the fact that I created a 5 acre bedding area in my CRP ground. I replanted it to Native Warm Season Grasses last year, which are really starting to grow and reach a good height for the deer to bed in now. I hope this guy sticks around for the opener, because if he keeps using this path, I know where I will have a stand hanging.

If it weren’t for using trail cameras I would have no idea this buck was in the area. I have never laid eyes on him before these pictures were taken.

The Moultrie I45 takes Infrared Pictures in lowlight situations and color pictures in daylight. You can get yours right here at Bowhunting.com by clicking this link. 


  1. Dustin DeCroo says:

    Great looking deer John, I hope to see pictures with you smiling behind him!

  2. Great looking buck John, best of luck with him this year!

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  4. Treehopper says:

    Great looking deer, good luck.

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  6. Get em Johno, nice one 🙂


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