Bowhunters Galore at the 2010 G2G- Live Updates from the Bow Shoot.

By Cody AltizerJune 26, 20101 Comment

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

The 2010 G2G has officially begun!  Bowhunting’s most loyal bowhunters have traveled all across the country to participate in a 3D shoot, pop-up shoot and just have some good ole fashion, bowhunting fun!  We’re all set up and ready for a fantastic day, so stay tuned for updates throughout the day.

Todd and I got in some last minute practice at his house yesterday evening.  What do you think?  Are we ready or not?

Dan made this bionic buck to really test our archer’s skills.  If you hit the vitals, you’re golden.  Miss the vitals and you can kiss your arrows goodbye as the steel will prevail.  Aim small, miss small!


Attendees enjoyed some fine eating last night at Paradise Campgrounds.


Caleb Siman from Ohio celebrated his 21st birthday last night with his bowhunting buddies.  Sweet cake if I do say so myself!


Some last minute practice shots may help determine who walks away with bragging rights!

 Things are just getting started here at the 2010 G2G with the shoot officially underway.  Stay tuned throughout the day for live updates via my blog! 


Cody Altizer
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