Eberlestock G287 Slingshot

When Eberlestock introduced it, the Slingshot was the first in the world that allowed you to carry a bow on the pack and get it off without removing the pack. Since then, Eberlestock made others. But the Slingshot remains unique; it’s their smallest pack, and is a fanny with many of the capabilities of a full-scale pack. As used on the Slingshot, our patent-pending Ripcord Tether completes the Quickdraw System that Eberlestock pioneered with their Backscabbard™ rifle packs, and as you’ll see below, it also works great to carry rifles.

The newest model of the Slingshot, the G287, continues the evolution of what many of their customers tell them is their favorite pack. The horseshoe shaped upper bag provides a saddle for a bow or a rifle to ride in, and makes the pack carry them with exceptional stability. The upper section features two pockes with a tough mesh ventilation panel between them, and incorporates a spacer pad to keep the bow or rifle away from your head.

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