LaCrosse Burly Boots – Product Review

By Dustin DeCrooNovember 3, 20094 Comments

LAST UPDATED: February 26th, 2016

The majority of bowhunters understand the importance of quality footwear.  We’ve all crossed a creek on a cold November morning only to find out our boots were far from waterpoof, at least I have.  It’s nearly impossible to find a boot that excels in every situation in each part of our season, and for the majority of whitetail enthusiasts a knee-high waterproof boot is a must.  Over the years I’ve owned this style of boot made by Rocky, Muck Boot, Red Head, Scent Blocker, Columbia and LaCrosse.  In Oklahoma I wear rubber/neoprene boots on about 70 percent of my hunts, so it’s important to have a boot that I actually enjoy wearing, this boot fits the bill.

It’s been a few weeks since I received my first pair of LaCrosse Burly Classic boots and I’ve had some time to give them an honest shot at my footwear starting lineup.  If there is a motto to my 2009 Archery season, it’s “Simplicity,” these boots are just that.  They have the essentials… everything you need and nothing you don’t.

First success with LaCrosse Burly Classics!

In the past my complaints with rubber (or neoprene) boots was their weight, the noise they make with each step and the over molded soles that always seem to come off halfway through the useful life of the boot.  To this point (somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 hunts) these boots have been excellent in all categories.  They’re very light weight compared to similar models of other brands and they sport a single material for everything thing from the shank to the sole, I feel this sole will hold up much better than other styles.  As noted in the description of these boots, they do run slightly larger than standard shoe sizes which (in my opinion) is okay for a rubber boot.  When temperatures get cooler it gives me the ability to wear an additional wool sock without constricting my feet.  So far, I haven’t had the opportunity to test out the insulation as we haven’t had temperatures cool enough to need it.  I was very pleased with how soft the boots were brand new out of the box and that they required zero break-in.

They’ve obviously been put to use and they’ll stay in my closet for years to come.

Overall I would rate these boots a 9 of 10.  The only thing that I would change is to offer this boot in camo as opposed to only offering the O.D. Green.  I guess when the only thing you can find to complain about with a boot is the color, you’re doing alright.

Dustin DeCroo
Hunting Guide at Big Horn Outfitters
Dustin is a professional hunting guide and owner of Big Horn Outfitters in Buffalo, Wyoming where he lives with his wife and 2 children.
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