Mid October Bowhunting & Mock Scrape Update

Well guys, it’s October 20th and we all know what that means!  The rut is just around the corner and those few precious weeks we wait for all year are almost upon us.  I hope you’re all ready for what lays ahead of us!  Of course if you’re looking to stock up on some last-minute gear in time for November remember we have over 14,000 bowhunting products in our online shopping cart so chances are we have what you need.

The past few weeks I’ve been spending quite a bit of time trying to learn my new properties and find out just how the deer are using the food plots I worked so hard on this summer.  I’ve seen a lot of deer movement during the daytime, which is very encouraging.   However, the bigger bucks seem to be laying pretty low still.  From what I’ve seen so far I’ve been able to readjust a few of my stands in preparation for the rut, which I’m hoping is going to really pay off with a nice buck.

Daytime action on opening day in one of my food plots.  Very encouraging!

/It’s always nice to see your hard work pay off.

Last weekend I was able to harvest a nice doe on film, but unfortunately I didn’t have a cameraman with me or my camera light so I didn’t get any of the recovery on tape.  I put a perfect shot on her and my NAP BloodRunner really did a heck of a job.  She went down just out of sight and I was able to recover her without a problem.  If this had been a big buck I definitely would’ve worked a little harder on the footage, but I figured this would have to do for now.  I’ll make sure I’m ready when primetime comes!  Check out the video below for the shot, and some really cool footage of a few bucks and does feeding in my brassica plot.

My mock scrape is really starting to see some action as well.  You may have read my post here on creating the scrape, and it sure didn’t take long for the local bucks and does to find it and start using it.  I’m hoping a few of the big boys in the area start hitting it before too much longer so I can show you some of those photos.

Well, it’s time to get back at it!  Good luck to everyone, and be sure to check out or online store if you need any last minute supplies!


  1. Palm Tree Decor says:

    Just curious how many days did you hunt before you got a shot at this doe?

    I had a great first day out but haven't been having any luck lately.

  2. Todd,
    Nice update! Which cameras were used to take the 3 photos between the video and the Bushnell photo?

    In testing this year, which trail camera is the best buy for $200-$300? Which is the best for $300?

    Battery life is a concern of mine, especially when it gets cold!


  3. hey,todd and justin would you guys like to come to mo.and hunt some really good property with me and show me what im doin wrong.please.thanks glen ps.nice pics.

  4. Congrats on the doe Todd. Hope that is just the start of your success this year.

    Rudy, that looks like the Bushnell Trophy Cam game camera. I've got the same camera and I love it. Color pics daytime/IR at night. No flash, and battery life is unbelieveable!!


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