BowHunting Hitlist and Trail Camera Updates

Usually I am the most organized bowhunting freak that I know but this year I have to say I am way behind. I just placed my 21st trail camera out and now I am really starting to get some data. This year I have been using several trail camera models – Camtrakker, Reconyx, the new moultrie and the bushnell tropy cam. I have to say its the first year that I am extremly pleased with all of the units that I am running. When you start running this many cameras you must try your hardest to stay scent-free, get in and out fast and try to make as few entries as possible. I will promise you the data you get with trail cameras will not only give you more confidence when hunting it will also guide you on when to hunt certain areas. So here goes…

This buck is on a buddies property and were both going to be chasing him this fall. – Camera Used – Reconyx R55

This bucks is looking pretty good for Wisconsin rifle country. Justin and I will be looking for him this coming weekend.

Super nice looking buck here, he would be hard to pass-up. Camera Used – Camtrakker MK8


Nice Illinois buck – Camera Used – Bushnell Trophy Cam

Nice Illinois buck – Camera Used – Bushnell Trophy Cam

Well, I am going to be honest I have a few more photos that I am going to hold back on for now. I would be proud to take anyone of these bucks this fall.


  1. Eric Matz says:

    Look'in good Todd! Good luck with those bruiser's this season.

  2. GARY WADDELL says:

    which camera is the best for the money;GARY WADDELL

  3. oh no you dont! you shot that pig last yr, i wanna see one just like it but on steroids this yr!!!!!

  4. Anymore pics to view, so far so good.

  5. Jason Lowmaster says:

    Those are some awsome bucks Todd, I wish you the best of luck this season. As always, I enjoy viewing your trail cam photos!

  6. Richard Music says:

    Some nice deer you got there todd hope you can connect on another hammer this year.good luck bro…….


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