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By John MuellerAugust 31, 20094 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

            By giving you a view from my stands and a little background as to why I hung them there, I’m hoping to give you a few ideas where you can hang stands on your hunting grounds. Let me say this about some of my stands. I was never a big fan about hunting over food plots. The farm I used to hunt had a few other guys that hunted mostly field edges. I hunted back in the woods and killed more deer because of the pressure the deer got near the fields. Since I now have my own property and regulate the pressure on the fields I see deer out there all of the time. The field is very secluded and I am careful about bumping deer in it. Last year I saw 4 shooter bucks (over 130”) in my field and 2 of them on multiple occasions.


            So let’s get to the stand locations. The first stand is on the NE corner of my food plot. I positioned it there to hunt with a South to Southwest wind, which we had a lot of early last season. The deer like to come out across the field to my South and feed toward my stand. Then exit to my East after feeding for a while. This is the stand I had the encounter with the big 10 pointer as darkness fell last season. He took too long to feed across the field. This year I planted Corn in the middle of the field and shorter wheat and brassicas on the edge to funnel the deer closer to the outside of the field.

This is my view lookin South, the corner of the corn is 35 yards.




This is looking West towards my next stand, “The Pinch Point”. The bare dirt is freshly planted wheat.

            Next is my pinch point stand. I actually have a stand on both sides of the field here to allow hunting it with a North or South wind. The field narrows down to 30 yards across at this point creating a natural funnel and the woods falls off into deep draws on the sides. The deer love to feed thru this narrow area. Watch the wind and you could kill a deer there almost every evening. I enhanced it a little more this year by planting a strip of corn down the middle with an opening in front of the stand that I planted in wheat and brassicas.

This is the view to the West, where a lot of deer come from. I’m hoping they will follow

the narrow strip of corn right out in front me.


Looking across the 30 yard wide “Pinch Point”. The samll opening is planted in

Brassicas and wheat.


            The stand that I am most excited about this year is my secret spot in the woods. It is a small opening that gets just enough light to grow a honey hole food plot in the middle of the woods. It’s located on the end a ridge the deer like to bed on and use as a travel corridor to the main field. I can hunt this field with any wind that has West in it. It takes my scent out over a big ravine. I cut down a few trees to open it up a little more and scattered some Secret Spot Seed a couple of weeks ago. It is sprouting and from the trail cam pics, the deer have already found it. I’m hoping I can ambush one of the big boys coming in for a snack before heading out to the bigger food plot. It seems they like to wait till dark to show up out in the open.



Looking into the mini plot to the Northwest from my stand, you can see the green carpet of fresh sprouts.




A shooting lane cut to the North.





Shooting lane cut to the South.


And a shooting lane Southwest behind the plot.


            Later on I can post some more of my stand locations as I hunt them. Most of the time I hunt out of my climber, so I couldn’t get pics from those locations.


            For any of your stand or climbing sticks needs, check out the shopping pages here at BH.com., you can never have too many stands!

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