Keep your RAGE broadheads Secure with the Rage Cage.

The Rage,  the broadhead that has revolutionized mechanical broadhead technology, now offers a specially designed case to protect both the 2-blade and the 3-blade broadheads.

The Rage Cage perfectly holds six Rage broadheads. It has custom foam that is specially designed to fit the heads. It also comes with a vial for replacement parts that easily fits into the Rage Cage’s custom foam wells.  The vibrant Rage red case makes it very easy to locate whether it is packed in a duffle bag or in the back of your truck.

Keeping broadheads safe and easy to locate is very important.  The Rage makes it very easy now with the new Rage Cage that is available at retailers nationwide for $14.99.

Rage broadheads are available in 100-grain in either a 2 or 3 blade design for a package of three.


  1. Add this to my list of purchases for this year.

  2. Vanity Basins says:

    Finally, I found it! Thanks for posting this.. I'll visit this from time to time so that I'll be updated with your post! Thank you again.. 🙂


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