Possible new provincial record whitetail taken in Ontario, Canada

The Bowhunting.com staff has recently received word of this incredible non-typical whitetail buck that could become Ontario’s new provincial archery record. Limited details are known at this time, but we are greatly looking forward to the story to be released soon.

The little information that is known includes that the bowhunter, Alex MacCulloch, took the trophy whitetail in the Durham region just northeast of Toronto. Total gross score is not known at this time, but it is said to have net scored an amazing 213 2/8! From what we can see of the bucks incredible tine length in the photo, we believe these numbers to be pretty accurate!

Bowhunting.com staffers and readers are looking for any information on the details surrounding this amazing buck. If you have or know anything about this new possible record whitetail, please don’t hesitate to send it our way.

You can send your information here, info@bowhunting.com. Thank you.


  1. Now that is a Haus and I sure hope some new info comes out
    on this fine buck.

  2. Justin Zarr says:

    That's a big buck, but it doesn't look like a world record to me.

  3. "Ontario’s new provincial archery record" me either.

  4. Actually Justin.. I think it says Ontario's possible new record.

    Not world.

    Nice buck though.

  5. Ralph Lyon says:

    When shed hunting the midwest,be carefull not to push the deer herd during the cold months of january and february.They need to conserve energy at this time of year. Stick to the fields,creek bottoms and edges at this time. The majority of the bucks will still have there antlers through most of february. Be patient, and save the wooded bedding ereas for march ,when the temperatures are not so cold.

  6. Flatlander says:

    would probably be the Ontario record………. Ontario is a toatlly different deer hunting scenario that Sask. or Alberta, etc.

    Ontario rately gets real Giants….. not much agriculture

    good friend has lived and hunted up there over 25 years and the biggest he has seen is about a 140" (he said that was extremely rare)
    that was in southern Ontario

  7. Dan Howard says:

    not much agriculture in Ontario?? do you even have a clue??

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