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$285,000 For Whitetail Semen? The Legend of El Chingon.

His name is "El Chingon", and his legend is growing. An incredible whitetail buck who was photographed in velvet with a reported $285,000 price on his "head". In fact, "El Chingon" is a breeding stock whitetail from the Hidden Valley Ranch just South Hondo, Texas. You didn't read that wrong, a $285,000 price for a straw of this buck's semen!

  Before you go take out a second mortgage however, a minor correction should be noted on the life of this amazing whitetail buck. One, we are sure, will not get quite the press and continued mass emailing response as the always exciting "El Chingon" tale.

While it is true that the now famous whitetail is from the Lone Star state the buck is actually wild and cannot, under law, be bred unless under the authority of a qualified biologist. That's correct, this whitetail buck is wild! At least as wild is it can be on a 2,500 acre high-fenced brush country ranch about an hour from San Antonio, Texas.

The ranch does offer breeder whitetails and hunting accommodations at a premium and is reportedly managed (to some degree) by North American Whitetail's, Dr. James C. Kroll. So while $285,000 for a straw of this giant buck's semen is completely absurd, you can hunt for a whitetail buck of this magnitude for about $10,000 (plus $100 per inch over 180 of course)!

Feel free to thank the staff as we just saved you $275,000! Gifts of all kinds are readily accepted.


  1. Scott Abbott says:

    That buck is insane…. When it says "wild"… It makes me wonder if he was genetically bred and released or if he was born natural from deer with in the fences confines…

    Have you ever heard a rough estimate on the bucks gross score? Incredible rack.

  2. Justin Zarr says:

    Scott – the buck is a product of whitetail genetics that have been introduced into the fenced herd over the years. He was not bred in captivity, which is why you could call him "wild". Although clearly with the combination of genetics being pumped into the herd solely for the purposes of growing larger racks for their clients, it's not realy a "wild" whitetail as you and I would consider one.

    An impressive animal nonetheless!

  3. Tom Williams says:

    No one has got it right so far
    El Chingon's real name is Heartattack
    he was 7 years old at the time of these pix 2007
    he was 248 gross B&C
    06 he was 200
    07 he was 248
    08 he was 224
    Infact he is a free ranging whitetail deer on 2500 ac. Hidden Valley Ranch 9 mi.s.w. of Hondo Texas
    He was captured 3 years in a row and placed in aDMP pen to bred 20 does
    each year.
    no seamen has ever been for sale.
    many of his sons & daughters still inhabit the ranch
    if any one wants more info contact Tom Williams manager Hidden Valley Ranch
    Hunts are avalibel from Oct.–Feb. starting at $2500.00 for management.
    Trophy Hunts start at $5000.00

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  6. 1800PetMeds Blog says:

    That is very fine buck indeed. No wonder its semen would be worth that much.

  7. Sperm bank says:

    If I were Whitetail now I would be rich. Well it looks like donating sperm is a real business whether you are human or not.

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  9. justin edwards says:

    his is a nice deer i would bag this thing in a heartbeat
    it beats my 11 that i got this fall


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