Hunter Safety System Vest Review

By John MuellerOctober 6, 20083 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

My take on the Hunter Safety System Vest


            I have been using the Hunter Safety System Vest this season mostly for safety reasons. I live by myself now and mostly hunt that way too. So if I did have an accident and fall from my tree stand, there might not be anyone coming to look for me for a while. I thought this system provided the best opportunity to survive a fall.


            The vest is very well put together from a safety standpoint. Lots of stitching at stress points and a heavy duty strap material was used in the actual harness straps. The vest part makes the system easy to put on in the dark. Not having to figure out what strap goes over which arm and so on. You just slip it on like any other vest and everything falls into place, a neat idea. The vest has 2 pockets on each side that are nice for storing my cell phone, range finder and wind checkers.  The mesh on the vest is great for the early season hunts. It lets the air circulate thru the vest.




The mesh keeps you cool in the early season.

            I am very happy with the level of safety the vest provides. However there are a few things I would like to see improved or changed. The first is the weight. This thing weighs in at 5 pounds!! That is a lot of weight to add, especially since I usually carry my climber and bow with me too. The 4 pockets are nice, but the top 2 have Velcro closures.


I hate velcro on bowhunting clothes.

I would much rather see snaps or buttons. Velcro has been known to scrape at just the wrong time. And more pockets would be nice too, since access to most pockets under the vest is blocked by straps or the vest itself. The buckles are another area that needs addressing.



Here you can see the buckles.




Binos sitting right on the buckles.

The front plastic buckles are located right where my binos lay on my chest. I have the armor coated Nikon Monarchs so it isn’t as bad. But it still makes a bit of a clunk when they hit the buckles.  The buckles for the leg straps are of the car seat belt variety. Push button metal closures. I keep hitting mine with my release. Once it cools off I can put a jacket over the vest and solve the noise issue, but right now I am wearing it on the outside.  I also had a problem with the tether length to the tree. It was too short to my liking. So I lengthened it by cutting loose some of the folded up material that is supposed act like a shock absorber in case of a fall. That solved that problem.


What I like about the Vest:

1:  Safest system out there.

2:  No tangled straps to mess with.

3:  Mess is cool in the heat.

4:  The vest is very quiet to wear.

5:  The pockets are nice. (More would be better.)

6:  Comes with a deer drag strap.


What I don’t like about the Vest:

1:  It weighs in at 5 pounds (Too Heavy)

2:  Exposed hard plastic and metal buckles.

3:  Velcro pocket closures.

4:  The vest blocks access to pocket underneath it.

5:  The price. A bit much, but then again if I ever need it, it’s nice to know I have the    best.


            So if your looking for the best safety system on the market and don’t mind a little extra weight. You can get your Hunter Safety System vest right here at Just click on the link below.




John Mueller
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