Octane One-Piece Quiver Review.

By Hunting NetworkSeptember 8, 20089 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

I have now had my Octane quiver for a couple months and have had time to really put some shots through it and test it out.

The quiver features a magnetic hood which has powerful rare earth magnets that automatically center your arrows inside the rubber housing.  This feature works great as your broadheads do not come in contact with anything dulling blades or prematurely deploying mechanical heads.  The quiver also comes with a foam insert which contains a corrosion inhibitor if one prefers a foam insert over the magnetic offering. 


The quick disconnect assembly requires no tools and features Teflon connections for silence.  A half turn is all it takes to remove the quiver or attach it. The mounting block offers 30 degrees of adjust ability and the quivers spine has more than six inches of vertical and horizontal adjustments to customize the feel of your setup.  No more nocks getting caked full of mud from the arrows protruding past the cams.


A simple pull of the arrow and it silently releases from the arrow gripper.  There is no loud clicking sound while removing or replacing an arrow from the quiver.   

The Octane one and two piece quiver will fit any bow with it’s included adapters.  It is also available in an assortment of camo patterns to match your bow and other accessories.  This quiver can be purchased here on Bowhunting.com by clicking here


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