Steve Flores

Steve Flores
Steve Flores is a passionate hunter who enjoys chasing mountain whitetails in his native southern WV. Steve credits his love of hunting to his Dad who took the time to introduce him to what has become a life-long obsession....bowhunting for whitetail deer.
Latest Articles
Maverick Blinds

Made of a super strong, rubber material, Maverick blinds can be taken apart (2 sections), come with 3 clear windows, and can also be painted to match any terrain. It is 75” high and offers true 360 degree visibility. The Maverick blind can be positioned o

Hunter Safety System Contour Safety Vest

No your favorite lady hunter can wear a vest that doesn’t make her feel like “one of the guys”. Made to fit the contours and natural curves of a woman’s body, the new HSS-CONTOUR features three Right-Fit stretch panels; perfect for a comfortable, snug fit

LaCrosse Footwear Quick Shot Boot

Adding to their legendary line of hunting boots, LaCrosse introduces the new Quick Shot. This boot features a tongue-to-toe lacing system for a completely secure fit that is crucial when traversing difficult terrain. The Quick Shot also comes with a water

New Archery Products Speedfletch

The folks at NAP are known for quality products that make the lives of bowhunters much easier and the new Speedfletch is a step beyond their popular Quikfletch fletching system from years past. In essences, the Speedfletch is a “slip over” fletching syste

Easton BowFire Arrows

Featuring next-generation, high definition graphics applied to a carbon shaft, the all new Easton BowFire has broadhead hunting accuracy and speed to burn. This new Easton arrow is a standard diameter shaft with exclusive White-Hot graphics which make it

Bohning Stretch Fletch Sysem

Joining the “slide over” vane system, Bohning introduces the new Stretch Fletch system. Each consists of a 2 7/8-inch molded sleeve that holds three Bohning Blazer vanes on a 3-degree right helical offset. The entire system slides over the arrow shaft and

Flying Arrow Archery Cyclone

This company made a significant impact last year with the introduction of the Toxic broadhead and its radical blade design. New this year is the Cyclone. With a slightly more “traditional” design (a slightly lesser twist in the blades), the Cyclone is a h

Wasp Archery Drone

Wasp Archery is no stranger to the broadhead game. For 2014 the company unveils the Drone. A compact, solid-steel ferrule allows for reduced surface area which results in top-notch accuracy, strength, and penetration. The brawny ferrule, which when combin

Badlands 2200 Daypack

The first back pack out of the gate for back pack juggernaut Badlands was the 2200. That was some 20 years ago. This pack has withstood the test of time because it is highly effective and tough as nails.

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1

Known for arguably some of the lightest, quietest stands in the industry, Lone Wolf enters 2014 with the introduction of the Alpha Tech F1. The Alpha Tech F1 is featured packed and affordably priced for today’s diehard bowhunter. While the one piece, cast

ATA 2014 Day 1 Morning Update

There is plenty of new products to see so here are a few more...

ATA 2014 Day 1

It’s that time of year! Yes, the annual ATA Show (archery trade association) kicks off 2014 in style with a look at all of the latest archery gear for bowhunters and archers everywhere. I’m excited to be here and in the coming days I will be sharing with

Mountain Snow Buck

With my 2013 season quickly coming to an end, I’ve begun to look back over the last few months and the up’s and downs it presented. Bowhunting is much like a roller coaster; the ride leaves you breathless and sometimes sick to your stomach but once it’s o

Teaching Kids Archery

Teaching a child archery is as simple as 1,2,3.

Ameristep Brickhouse Ground Blind

If you're looking for a lightweight, easy to setup, rock solid groundblind, then check out the Ameristep Brickhouse.

The River's Divide Film Review

The quest for a giant North Dakota whitetail is captured in the epic film The River's Divide. Join bowhunter Donnie Vincent as he chases more than just a huge whitetail.

InsaneArchery Camera Bow Mount

Take a closer look at what is arguably the most versatile camera bow mount on the market.

Lakewood Products Bowfile

Are you looking for that perfect bow case that is as rugged as it is good looking? Look no more.

The 5th annual Bowhunting.com GTG

The 5th annual Bowhunting.com GTG was even better than last year. Here's a taste of what you missed.

Sanderson Turkey Call

This slate call is as easy to use as it is attractive.