Steve Flores

Steve Flores
Steve Flores is a passionate hunter who enjoys chasing mountain whitetails in his native southern WV. Steve credits his love of hunting to his Dad who took the time to introduce him to what has become a life-long obsession....bowhunting for whitetail deer.
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Closure on a Whitetail Buck

After a roller coaster ride that many bowhunters are familiar with, this West Virginia bowhunter found what he was looking for.

Something More Than Scent Control

            Despite recent questions regarding the overall effectiveness of carbon impregnated clothing, my confidence in such garments hasn’t faltered one bit. What’s more, I can say with total honesty that my position on the subject has nothing to do with sponsorship or money. On the contrary, my belief stems from many years in the field, […]

The Short Road to Ruin

        Before I started writing this blog I had several subjects bouncing around in my head (like rocks in an empty pop bottle), but this one kept getting stuck in the “bottle neck”; so to speak. So, I decided to share with you how I am spending my January and the short road that got […]

A Stranger in Familiar Land

As the newest member of the Bowhunting.com family, it is with a great deal of excitement, anticipation, and humility that I say to everyone….hello! Without question, as each blog unfolds, I am looking forward to expressing my thoughts on bowhunting tactics, philosophies, gear, and maybe even a little bit on life. However, as the new […]