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LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

In recent years, the desire to capture ones bowhunting adventures on film has exploded. Not only is catching every moment of a particular hunt exciting, at the core of it all is the hope that someday we just might end up with our very own hunting show. Admit it, we have all had that dream at one point or another in our careers. As a result, more and more bowhunters are toting “camera” equipment into the field. And, while breaking into the outdoor television market is no easy task, and may not happen for all of us, getting there should be a fun experience nonetheless.


If you’re tired of your current camera set up “hanging” off of your bow, this mounting system may be just what you’re looking for.

At our recent Staff  Meeting, the pro-staff guys, along with Todd Graf, Justin Zarr and I sat down with our sponsors to discuss new products and the best ways to use them. One of the products I was most excited about was the new Epic Instant On POV Camera. As it turned out I was not alone. All of the guys that film for our weekly webcast show Bowhunt Or Die wanted an Epic Instant On to use during the upcoming bow season. So, orders were placed and hopes ran high that some awesome footage would be captured for our loyal viewers. During the long ride home from Illinois, I mulled over the possibilities of the Epic Instant On; more specifically, I pondered how I would mount it to my bow rig. Enter the InsaneArchery Camera Bow Mount.

A New Approach
Most of the POV camera mounts I see today typically attach to the riser of the bow. And, while there is nothing wrong with that particular orientation, for me, it always seemed cumbersome. After experimenting with my own POV camera and the various positions it can be mounted on my riser, the one thing I learned was that no matter where I placed it, it always seemed to stick out like a turd in a punch bowl. Every time I drew back my bow, there it was, looking right back at me. Every time I laid my bow down, there it was, ready to be broken off, every time I tried to sneak through some brush… guessed it.

Despite the fact that a lot of the Bowhunt Or Die staff members (or bowhunters in general) use POV cameras to capture B-roll footage at that particular angle (looking back at the shooter), I’ve always found it somewhat distracting to have a camera so close to my line of sight. Even more so, I found my camera, and the mount it was attached to, to be very vulnerable when placed on the side of my bow’s riser. Furthermore, it always seemed that if my bow was placed on the ground the wrong way, or an errant limb was struck walking to my stand, the potential was great that I could knock the camera off; breaking both it and the mount at once. Not my idea of an efficient setup or one that I would be particularly fond of using.

However, the InsaneArchery Camera Bow Mount is different. It attaches behind your stabilizer and can be rotated 180 degrees in order to find the perfect position for your current POV camera; whether that is looking back at you or pointing toward the animal you are about to shoot. What I like most about the InsaneArchery mount is the fact that it allows me to capture more unique angles than a fixed-position riser mount. More importantly, it does so without drawing attention to itself, getting in the way, or exposing my camera to the rigors of mountain bowhunting.


The InsaneArchery Camera Bow Mount falls perfectly in line with my (Frankenstein) stabilizer. The result is a more streamlined setup that just naturally looks and feels better than any other camera bow mount I’ve tried.

Top Features
Tough/Lightweight Construction – With a push for lighter and lighter bows, the last thing you want to do is add unwanted weight to your feathery bow rig. Despite my personal love of a heavy bow (more accurate in my opinion), the lightweight nature of the InsaneArchery Bow Camera Mount is perfect for anyone who wants to add a mount to their bow and hardly notice it is there. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that because this mount is ultra-light that it is weak; quite the contrary. This thing is nearly indestructible and I can’t imagine the force it would take to break it. Unfortunately, your camera is more likely to bite the dust before this thing does. 



The InsaneArchery Camera Bow Mount is lightweight, quiet, and can be rotated in various positions; just to name a few key features.

Self-Contained, Captive Hardware – In other words, once this unit is placed on your bow you can forget about it. There is no need for special tools to attach it. In fact, initial setup and mounting requires no tools whatsoever. Simply mount it behind your existing stabilizer and you’re ready to go. When it comes time to install your camera, simply attach it to the mount using the large rosette knob which is easy to grip, even in cold weather when you’re wearing thick gloves. In addition, a locking e-clamp assures that the camera mount knob and tripod screw stay securely attached to the swing arm, regardless if there is a camera attached. All of this adds up to a unit that doesn’t force the user to carry extra tools, worry about parts falling off in the field or be concerned with added noise during the shot.

Extreme Versatility – I can’t think of any other camera bow mount that allows the user to change the position of the camera (5 different semi-locking positions to be exact), without ever being removed from your bow.  In my opinion, this is the most versatile unit on the market today. This is all accomplished due to the InsaneArchery Bow Mount’s PATENTED, 180º range of motion swing arm. All you have to do is move the swing arm into any of the 5 positions; no tools required. An added benefit to the semi-locking swing arm is the fact that, unlike most camera mounts, this unit isn’t “fixed”. In other words, should it come in contact with a limb or something else, it will simply rotate out of the way. In essence, this could save your camera if the impact is hard enough to break an inferior, permanently positioned camera mount.


This mount is available in black but also comes in a unique camo that seems to blend with most patterns on the market today.

Portability – Unlike other camera mounts, this one stays on my bow no matter where my bow goes. I have enough things to remember before heading to the treestand. The last thing I want is to worry about whether or not I have my camera mounted to my bow. Typical bow camera mounts must be removed before placing the bow in a case. Thus, the potential is always there to forget it. However, like I mentioned, this one can simply be rotated around to fall perfectly in line with my stabilizer and doesn’t require removal. Unless I forget my bow (unlikely), there’s no way I can forget my camera because they are now one.


I also like the fact that I can keep my camera mounted to my bow even while I am traveling over tough terrain on my ATV. No need to remove it or waste time searching for it in the cover of darkness before walking to my stand.

Diverse Mounting Options – Now I will admit, there are times when you need to have your camera mounted above the stabilizer; For example, when hunting from a ground blind. Or, perhaps you just prefer that angle. That’s cool. Not everyone shares my opinion of “bow riser” camera mounts. If you fall into that category then you’re in luck. The InsaneArchery Camera Bow Mount can also be attached to the bow riser. Using the optional mounting hardware, it fits nicely into any of the cut-outs on the riser; above or below, top or bottom, the choices are many. Even if you choose this optional mounting position, remember the camera mount swing arm can still be easily rotated forward to position your camera out of harm’s way, and then quietly rotated back into position when a shot opportunity arrives.

For those that prefer a “riser” mount orientation, the InsaneArchery mount can accommodate you.

Final Thoughts
There isn’t a feature about this mount that I don’t like. In fact, the more I use it the more I like it. It’s tough, lightweight, versatile, made in the U.S.A. and will ultimately help me capture my next bowhunting adventure…..without hindering my success or consuming my thoughts with worry about its ability to keep up with me or get in my way. Honestly, what more could an aspiring, bowhunting, filmmaker ask for? I know….a giant buck, unaware of my presence, strolling right into my shooting lane…..Action!

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Steve Flores
Steve Flores is a passionate hunter who enjoys chasing mountain whitetails in his native southern WV. Steve credits his love of hunting to his Dad who took the time to introduce him to what has become a life-long obsession....bowhunting for whitetail deer.
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