PJ Reilly

PJ Reilly
P.J. Reilly, Technical Writer at Lancaster Archery Supply, P.J. has been bowhunting for nearly 40 years, and has worked at Lancaster Archery Supply since 2013. He lives in Southeast Pennsylvania with his wife.
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5 Ways Bowhunters Hurt Their Bows
5 Ways Bowhunters Hurt Their Bows

Your bow is a finely tuned machine. Are you taking care of it? Here's a look at 5 ways bowhunters hurt their bows.

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5 Reasons You Should Shoot an ASA Tournament This Year

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How To Switch From Index Finger To Thumb Release
How to Switch from Index Finger to Thumb Release

In this video, P.J. Reilly shares what you need to know on how to make the switch from index finger to thumb release.

How To Hold Your Bow Steady
How to Hold Your Bow Steady

Keeping a rock solid hold on target can be tough. Here's a look at how to hold your bow steady with P.J. Reilly of Lancaster Archery.

Bowhunter adjusting HHA Tetra bow sight
Single Pin vs. Multi-Pin Bow Sight: Which Works Best?

Shopping for a new bow sight? Single pin vs. multi-pin bow sights, which works best. Check this out before you make a purchase.

What’s the Best Treestand Height?

What's the best treestand height to avoid getting busted by the deer on the properties you hunt?

7 Hunting Tweaks to Make for the Rut

Don't get bogged down during the rut. Here's a look at 7 hunting tweaks to make for the rut to up your odds for success during the month of November.

How to Install Arrow Inserts

Installing your own arrow inserts is a snap. Here's a look at how to make it happen.

2019 Lancaster Archery Classic Winners

The Classic is in the books! Here's a closer look at the big winners from the 2019 Lancaster Archery Classic in Manheim, PA.

Fall Away Rest vs. Static Rest: Which Works Best?

Fall away rest vs. static rest, which works best? Here's some things to consider when shopping for a new arrow rest this season.

Should You Shoot a Siderod Stabilizer?

Here's a look at the benefits of shooting a siderod stabilizer on your bow this year, both for tournament archery and hunting.

Back Tension Release for Hunting

Have you considered using a back tension release for hunting? Here's a look at the pros and cons of using a back tension release for hunting.

Back Tension Releases

Thinking about making the move to a back tension release? Here's a look at what you need to know about back tension releases before you switch.

Is a Lighter Bow Really Better?

Bow manufacturers have continued to push for lighter bows in the last decade, but is a lighter bow really better?

How Declining Numbers of Hunters May Impact Your Hunting Future

Will a drop in hunter numbers mean more or less opportunities for you? Here's a look at what the numbers could mean.

Quiver On vs. Quiver Off: Which Works Best?

Does your quiver impact your shooting that much? Should you shoot with it on or off? Here's a few things to consider.

Archer shooting 3D target
How To See Your Sight Pins Better

Can't see your sight pins in low light? Here's 5 tips on how to see your sight pins better when hunting in low light, or from the ground blind.

How to Properly Use a Climbing Treestand

Climbing treestands are hard to beat when it comes to mobility when hunting deer. Here's a look at how to properly use a climbing treestand.

hunter using trail cameras
Is Technology Ruining Bowhunting?

Are we ruining the sport of bowhunting by using gadgets and techniques to bring deer to us – and to stay hidden from them?

How to Change A Compound Bow String & Cable

So you think it might be time for a new set of strings for your compound bow? Here's how to change your bowstring and cable on your own.