How to Hold Your Bow Steady

By PJ ReillyJune 3, 20201 Comment

LAST UPDATED: June 22nd, 2021

Keeping your pins steady on the target is a problem that plagues most every archer at one point or another.

And while there are a number of variables that can be attributed to pin movement, there are some basics that can be addressed to help resolve much of the issue by simply holding your bow steadier. 

Here’s a look at how to hold your bow steady according to P.J. Reilly of Lancaster Archery.

Proper Draw Length

Having the right draw length is critical to accuracy. A lot of archers don’t think it’s that big a deal, but it is. 

How To Hold Your Bow Steady
Is your bow set up with the proper draw length?

The wrong draw length can also result in your inability to hold your bow steady. Too short a draw length typically lends itself to shaky form at full draw. 

No guessing, assuming, or taking suggestions from a friend when it comes to draw length.

Take the time to make sure your bow has the right draw length that fits you like it should.

Check Your Grip

The way you grip your bow is another critical component for successfully achieving a solid and steady hold on target.

If you’re allowing your fingers to influence your grip, you’re likely torquing the bow, resulting in an unsteady hold. 

How To Hold Your Bow Steady
Are you using the right grip? The photo on the left demonstrates an improper grip with too much hand on the grip, while the image on the left shows the proper bow grip to be applied.

Make sure your bow grip sits along the “life-line” in your hand for a proper grip. A proper grip will find a minimal amount of your hand actually making contact with the bow grip.

Use a Stabilizer

Having trouble holding your bow steady? Have you ever considered adding a stabilizer to the mix to help tighten things up? 

How To Hold Your Bow Steady
Steady your pins on target by using a stabilizer.

Stabilizers are one of the best ways to help steady your bow. Front and rear stabilizers can make a huge impact on your ability to hold rock solid on the target. 

If you’re not using a stabilizer, you should seriously consider adding it to the mix.  

Practice Holding Steady

As simple as it sounds, practice is another key to helping you hold steady on the target. 

And while shooting practice is important, you should also focus on practicing holding your pins on target.

It’s an overlooked tactic that can greatly improve your ability to hold on target. 

How To Hold Your Bow Steady
Do you practice holding your pins on target? It can greatly benefit your ability to hold on target.

Follow the steps mentioned above to help you achieve a steadier hold on target this season. 

It’ll make you a more accurate – and deadlier – shot when hunting season rolls around again. 

PJ Reilly
P.J. Reilly, Technical Writer at Lancaster Archery Supply, P.J. has been bowhunting for nearly 40 years, and has worked at Lancaster Archery Supply since 2013. He lives in Southeast Pennsylvania with his wife.
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