Joe Martino

Joe Martino
Media Contact at River Cleanup conservation group
Joe is a true outdoorsman who writes articles based on his experiences and knowledge of fishing, hunting, trapping and conservation. While Joe does occasionally fish and hunt throughout the country, many of his experiences come from pursuing the great outdoors throughout the Midwest.
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Don’t Get Busted! How to Transport Your Deer Across State Lines

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Top Chores to Prep for Bow Season

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Why Two Callers Are Better Than One For Turkeys
Why Two Callers are Better Than One for Turkeys

When it comes to calling birds close, there's a reason why two callers work better than one for turkeys.

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Top Tips for Bowhunting Turkeys

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How to Call Pressured Turkeys: 5 Sounds That Work

Dealing with tough turkeys this spring? Here's how to call pressured turkeys into range this season with 5 unique sounds that work.

One Buck, Shot By Two Hunters, Who Gets the Deer?

One buck, mortally wounded by two hunters - who gets the deer? You won't believe who actually claimed this one. It'll make you laugh, cuss and cry.

6 Rut Rules You Should Know

Here's a look at 6 Rut Rules you should know this season as we head into the month of November.

How Long Will a Safety Harness and LifeLine Last?

Have you ever wondered how long your safety harness will last? Here's a look at how long a safety harness and LifeLine will last.

What’s the Difference in EHD and CWD?

What's the difference in EHD and CWD? Here's a breakdown of EHD and CWD and how they impact deer.

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12 Best Turkey Hunting States

Ready for a turkey road trip? Here's a look at the 12 best turkey hunting states in the country.

Whitetail Vocabulary: A Guide To Calling Deer in November

Do you know the whitetail vocabulary? Here's a guide for calling deer and saying the right things during the whitetail rut.

Lyme Disease: From Ticks, STD’s & Cat Scratch Fever?

The numbers for Lyme Disease is staggering. Are there other ways of contracting the disease? What you don't know may shock you.

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Bowhunting Application Deadlines Across The Country

Here's a look at the hunt application deadlines for some of the hottest hunts in the mid-west and western states.