Ultraview UV Button Thumb Release Unboxing

By Justin ZarrSeptember 9, 2022

Ultraview Archery has jumped into the thumb trigger release game with the all-new UV Button™. Designed for bowhunters, the UV Button is available in 2 different versions; gray aluminum or black stainless steel.

Check out our unboxing video and first impressions of the UV Button below.

Features of the UV Button™

As stated earlier, the UV Button™ is available in a gray aluminum version, as well as a black stainless version. Both are the same size and same dimensions as the recently released Hinge 2 release. The aluminum UV Button™ weighs in at 3.1oz while the stainless model is a little heavier at 5.6oz, which is great for those who prefer the added weight.

The UV Button™ is currently only available in size medium, with a large size coming soon.  If you’re concerned about whether the medium will fit you or not, you can order an exact replica of the UV Button for free, you just pay for shipping.  That’s a very helpful opportunity before spending $300 on a release only to find out it doesn’t fit your hand properly.

Currently, only a 3-finger model is available, with plans to release both a 2-finger and 4-finger option in the future.

This new thumb button release utilizes Ultraview’s patented ULTRAGLIDE™ technology, which is a self-lubricating internal bushing system that eliminates all the unnecessary metal on metal contact. This results in a low maintenance release that will remain quiet and reliable shot after shot.

The release comes with an allen key so you can micro-adjust both the tension, and travel of your trigger to customize the feel.

The UV Button™ has a d-loop retainment system that uses a spring-loaded holder to keep the release attached to your loop.  This is a must-have for bowhunters who clip their release on and leave it hang throughout their hunt.

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