Top New Bows for 2022

By Brad KaufmannMay 3, 2022

The most anticipated time of year for bowhunters, beside the beginning of archery season, is when companies start releasing their new bows. Everyone wants to see what new innovations and features these bow companies can come up with.

Over the past few years, we’ve started to see a shift from completely new bows every year, to similar bows with more enhancements. Take a look at all the new features packed into the top new bows for 2022…

Mathews V3X 29 & 33

Top New Bows For 2022
Speed:340fps | 336fps
Axle-to-Axle:29″ | 33″
Mass Weight:4.47 lbs | 4.67 lbs
Brace Height:6″ | 6.5″
Draw Length:25″ – 30″ | 27″ – 31.5″
Draw Weight:60, 65, 70, 75 lbs
Let-off:80 or 85%
MSRP:$1,199 | $1,299
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One of the new features of the V3X is their Bridge-Lock Sight System, which allows you to mount a dovetail sight through the bow’s riser. They also have a new LowPro Quiver that’s their tightest fitting quiver ever when used in conjunction with the Bridge-Lock Technology.

Mathews also has a new Stay Afield System (S.A.S.) which is a cable that allows you to remove and repair strings and cables without a press.

PSE Carbon Levitate

Top New Bows For 2022
Axle-to-Axle:32 1/4″
Mass Weight:3.6 lbs
Brace Height:6″
Draw Length:27.5″ – 31.5″ 
Draw Weight:60, 70, 80 lbs
Let-off:65 – 75% or 80 – 90%
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The Carbon Levitate was made with their new Dead Frequency Carbon that’s lighter, stiffer, and is more dead in the hand than before. You can get this bow with either the regular Evolve Cam, or the new E2 or S2 cams that are both wider and have better draw stops for a solid back wall.

Also, the new wider limbs and pocket system were designed to increase stability and accuracy, and the new cable guard system creates less torque for more consistency.

Hoyt Ventum Pro 30 & 33

Top New Bows For 2022
Speed:342fps | 334fps
Axle-to-Axle:30″ | 33″
Mass Weight:4.45 lbs | 4.67 lbs
Brace Height:6″ | 6 3/8″
Draw Length:25″ – 30″ | 26″ – 31″
Draw Weight:40 – 80 lbs
Let-off:80 or 85%
MSRP:$1,249 | $1,349
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The Ventum Pro weighs in slightly less than the 2021 Ventum, and now has the HBX Pro Cam. The HBX Pro Cam has a few small but effective improvements over the HBX Cam.

Also equipped on this bow is their new VitalPoint Grip and their In-Line Accessory System which includes the picatinny sight rail, integrate rest mount, and adjustable quiver mount.

Bear Refine EKO

Top New Bows For 2022
Mass Weight:4.4 lbs
Brace Height:6.375″
Draw Length:26.5″ – 30.5″ 
Draw Weight:45 – 60 or 55 – 70lbs
Let-off:75, 80, 85, 90%
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Some new features of the Refine EKO include the improved Vibration Reduction System, which has up to 25% less riser vibration than their 2021 bow. Plus the new AlignLok Technology that aids in aligning the 2nd and 3rd axis levels of the bow sight.

Elite EnVision

Top New Bows For 2022
Mass Weight:4.45 lbs
Brace Height:6.875″
Draw Length:23.5″ – 30.5″
Draw Weight:40 – 75 lbs
Let-off:70 – 90%
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The EnVision comes in 15 different colors and features their SET Technology to help with tuning the bow. With the lengthened riser, shorter axle-to-axle, and wider limbs, Elite designed this bow to position the weight so that it’s more balanced than their previous flagship bows. Also, their ASYM Tri-Track cam allows draw length adjustments in quarter-inch increments.

Bowtech SR350

Top New Bows For 2022
Mass Weight:4.4 lbs
Brace Height:6″
Draw Length:25″ – 30″
Draw Weight:50, 60, 70 lbs
Let-off:83 or 85%
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The big change from Bowtech for 2022 is in the SR350 cam. Their patent pending Powershift­™ Technology allows you to switch between a “comfort” draw cycle with 85% let-off, or a “performance” draw cycle at 83% let-off.

As the name implies, the performance cycle is faster and a little harder to draw. The SR350 also features their DeadLock Technology which allows you to move the cams left and right for tuning.

Hoyt Carbon RX-7 & RX-7 Ultra

Top New Bows For 2022
Speed:342fps | 334fps
Axle-to-Axle:30″ | 34″
Mass Weight:3.9 lbs | 4.3 lbs
Brace Height:6 1/4″ | 7″
Draw Length:25″ – 30″ | 27″ – 32″
Draw Weight:40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80 lbs
Let-off:80 – 85%
MSRP:$1,849 | $1,899
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Much like the Ventum Pro, the Carbon RX-7 bow is equipped with the In-Line Accessory System, HBX Pro Cams, and VitalPoint™ grip. But at 3.9lbs, the RX-7 is about a half-pound lighter than the Ventum 30, and warm to the touch unlike aluminum bows.

Xpedition Smoke

Top New Bows For 2022
Mass Weight:4.4 lbs
Brace Height:5 3/8″
Draw Length:28″ – 30″ 
Draw Weight:60 or 70 lbs
Let-off:75 – 80%

At 370fps, the Smoke is the fastest bow on the list by 20fps. The main difference between this bow and every other bow on the list, beside its speed, is the limited draw weights, draw lengths, and color. It’s only available with a grey riser and black limbs, and once you choose what draw length you want, you would need to buy new cams in order to change the draw length.

PSE EVO XF 30 & 33

Top New Bows For 2022
Speed:345fps | 340fps
Axle-to-Axle:29 5/8″ | 33″
Mass Weight:4.3 lbs | 4.5 lbs
Brace Height:6.5″ | 6.75″
Draw Length:25″ – 31.5″ | 26″ – 32.5″
Draw Weight:50, 60, 70, 80 lbs
Let-off:80 – 90% or 65 – 75%
MSRP:$1,199 | $1,299
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Like the new Carbon Levitate, the EVO XF can come equipped with one of 3 different cams, and also features PSE’s new Guard-Lok system and PSE Limb Vise Pocket. The Guard-Lok system provides support to the cable rod to eliminate creep, and the new limb pocket is lighter and tightens to ensure the pocket remains centered over the riser.

Prime Inline Series

Top New Bows For 2022
Speed:332fps | 337fps | 342fps
Axle-to-Axle:31″ | 33″ | 35″
Mass Weight:4.3 lbs | 4.4 lbs | 4.6lbs
Brace Height:7″ | 6.5″ | 6″
Draw Length:26″ – 30.5″ 
Draw Weight:40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80 lbs
MSRP:$1,199 | $1,199 | $1,249
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Prime has decided to move away from their typical parallel cam system for 2022 with the new Inline Series of bows. In order to keep everything aligned and balanced to how they wanted, when at full draw, the cables line up with the string to keep the load balanced throughout the cam.

The Inline Series is available in 3 different axle-to-axle lengths, as well as 18 colors.

Darton Spectra E

Top New Bows For 2022
Mass Weight:4.9 lbs
Brace Height:6 7/16″
Draw Length:25.5″ – 31″ 
Draw Weight:40, 50, 60, 70 lbs
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The main key for Darton’s 2022 Spectra E was to improve the shooter’s experience, and they did that by creating wider and more parallel limbs. Something that really stands out about this bow is their Equalizer Cable System, or E-System. This cable system distributes the load amongst 3 different points of contact for a more forgiving setup.

Athens Vista Series

Top New Bows For 2022
Speed:340fps | 335fps | 330fps
Axle-to-Axle:31″ | 33″ | 35″
Mass Weight:4.2 lbs | 4.2 lbs | 4.4 lbs
Brace Height:6.5″ | 6.5″ | 6.5″
Draw Length:24.5″ – 31.5″
Draw Weight:40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80 lbs
Let-off:80 – 90%
MSRP:$1,099 – $1,149

The Vista Series by Athens Archery, has the RT-X rotating cam system with adjustable draw length and let-off. New for 2022, they introduced their TCS Tunable Cable System, which is an adjustable roller guard system that allows you to move the roller guard left or right to find the bow’s centershot.

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