Muddy Prevue 2 Ground Blind Review

By Brodie SwisherSeptember 23, 20221 Comment

Hunting season is here! If you’re looking for a new portable ground blind to add to your arsenal, you need to check out the Muddy Prevue 2 ground blind. 

The Prevue 2 is light, compact, easy to tote to the woods and sets up in seconds. Take a closer look at the blind in the video below giving a rundown on the basics this blind provides for your next deer or turkey hunting adventure. 

Specs on the Prevue 2 Ground Blind

  • Footprint –  53″x53″
  • Shooting Width –  67″ x 67″
  • Construction – Black-Backed, Water Resistant Fabric in Epic Camo
  • Standing Height –  66″
  • Weight –  12.3lbs
  • Stakes –  (8) Steel stakes
  • Windows:
    • (2) Full Width Panoramic Windows with One-Way See-Through Mesh
    • (1) Full Width Panoramic Window with heavy-duty fabric
    • Rear Viewing Window
    • Silent Slider Window Adjustment
Muddy Prevue 2 Ground Blind Review
The Muddy Prevue 2 Ground Blind.

Compact Design, Easy Setup

Muddy has a wide variety of ground blinds in their lineup, including several varieties of the Prevue blind model. You’ll find a Prevue 3 and Prevue 2. As the name implies, the Prevue 2 is designed for 2 people. It’s a compact design that makes for an easy carry, weighing in right at 12 pounds. 

The blind is easy to set up. In fact, it’s easily set up in under 10 seconds when handled by a hunter that knows how to pop up a hub-style ground blind. Its built with heavy-duty construction from top to bottom for all-season use, regardless of whether you take it with you every hunt, or leave it out throughout the season. 

Greater Visibility

You’ll find  greater visibility throughout this blind with its 3 full-width panoramic window system, including 2 full one-way see-through mesh walls and 1 full-width panoramic window with heavy-duty fabric. The rear viewing window allows you to keep tabs on anything that  might be slipping in from the back side. 

The beauty of the see-through mesh design is that the hunter has greater visibility within the blind, however, game animals can’t see in. It’s a deadly combination that helps eliminate limited visibility and blind spots for the hunter. 

Muddy Prevue 2 Ground Blind Review
The see-through mesh design allows for greater visibility for the hunter.

The  blind features a blacked-out interior to help keep the hunter concealed. It essentially creates a black hole effect that allows the hunter to go undetected while tucked into the shadows of the blind, particularly when wearing a black shirt or jacket. 

Muddy Prevue 2 Ground Blind Review
The black interior creates a black hole effect that helps conceal the hunter.

Blending In

While turkeys don’t seem to pay much attention to a ground blind in the wide open, deer are different. They will likely spook on a blind that’s placed in the wide open. That’s why it’s important to blend your blind into the landscape. The job of blending in is made easier with a couple of nice features you’ll find on this blind.

The blind comes standard in the Epic camo pattern to help the hunter easily hide the blind. But you’ll also find that the Prevue comes with built-in brush straps to make the job even easier. You can quickly tuck brush or grass into the  straps on top and bottom to help break up the box-like look of the blind for better concealment. 

Muddy Prevue 2 Ground Blind Review
Brush straps make the job of blending in much easier.

The Muddy Prevue 2 ground blind rings up at $199.99. It’s a great compact and lightweight option for your mobile ground blind hunting endeavors. You can check it out online at www.gomuddy.com, or purchase it now at Lancaster Archery Supply. 

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