5 Best Rangefinders for Bowhunting

By Kyle LipkeAugust 25, 2023

Being able to properly place an arrow into the kill zone of a buck or bull rests heavily on knowing the distance from your razor-tipped broadhead to your target. Having the precise yardage to aim for is a major advantage and a confidence booster when it comes to releasing an arrow on a bowhunt. 

5 Best Rangefinders For Bowhunting

When it comes to a shot opportunity you have been daydreaming about all summer, much trust is held in the reading you receive from your rangefinder. Today’s market is filled with many different options when it comes to laser rangefinders, but here are five of the best rangefinders available today for bowhunters.

Vortex Razor HD 4000

5 Best Rangefinders For Bowhunting

The Razor HD is the headliner for Vortex that provides crisp optical clarity and displays an easy-to-read reticle in red. This makes for simple reading in prime low-light conditions. Whether you are hunting whitetails out of a treestand or mule deer on high country slopes, the rangefinders HCD angle compensation is perfect for delivering the correct range to you. 

The Razor HD was made to handle any type of weather and features Vortex’s IPX-7 waterproofing. An advantage of this rangefinder is that it will range from 5 yards out to 4000 yards on reflective targets. Also, a major attraction to the Razor HD 4000 is that it is accompanied by Vortex’s VIP, transferable, no-fault, lifetime warranty.

Bushnell Broadhead

5 Best Rangefinders For Bowhunting

The Broadhead rangefinder by Bushnell is a quality rangefinder that won’t drain your bank account. This rangefinder works effectively out to 150 yards on all sorts of targets in all types of lighting conditions. Using its Full Spectrum Ranging System, the Broadhead will read to you the most accurate distance at any time of day regardless of if you are ranging a rock, a 3D target, or a whitetail deer. 

Additionally, this rangefinder uses the ActivSync system which independently changes the reticle from black to red in times of low light. No push of a button is necessary. If you are bowhunting in thick cover, the Broadhead can be set to Brush mode which ignores foreground objects such as branches. Set it to Bullseye mode and it will read small targets without reading objects in the distant background.

Price – $299

Sig Sauer Kilo 3K

5 Best Rangefinders For Bowhunting

Sig Sauer exudes simplicity and outstanding performance with its Kilo 3K rangefinder. This rangefinder includes an Archery Mode, where archers and bowhunters can input their bow speed using firmware software. The rangefinder then calculates the best flat ground yardage based on the angle and distance. 

This feature helps limit misses on steep-angled shots. In scan mode, this rangefinder will give 4 readings per second, allowing for quick distance readings. The LumaticTM display will adjust the optics illumination automatically with changes in lighting. One of the coolest features of the Kilo 3K is the ability to connect with BaseMap on your smartphone via Bluetooth. This allows spot and stalk hunters to pin landmarks or animals on BaseMap, then plan an approach.

Price – $359

Leica Rangemaster CRF 2400-R

5 Best Rangefinders For Bowhunting

Leica is well known for its optical mastery and the CRF 2400-R certainly falls into that same category. This rangefinder gives bright range displays in dawn or dusk situations. It is also quite compact, and at just 6.5 ounces, is very lightweight. The Rangemaster boasts fast readings within 0.5 seconds and readings accurate to 0.1 yards. Having these speedy readings on point are two bonuses for the bowhunter when a timely, perfect shot needs to be made. Leica’s EHR (equivalent horizontal range) will properly provide the correct range for shots at any angle. Another benefit to this rangefinder is its AquaDura coating, which helps deter water and dirt.

Price $599

Leupold RX-Fulldraw 5

5 Best Rangefinders For Bowhunting

This rangefinder was built specifically for bowhunters. After entering your personal bow specifications, including your draw weight, arrow weight, and peep sight height, the rangefinder will then calculate the shot angle and give you the most accurate distance for your setup. It will work for almost any bow setup as it will calculate readings of bow speeds ranging from 170 to 550 fps. 

Best of all, it will display a high point indicator at the 20-yard and mid-way points, allowing you to know if any surrounding obstacles will sabotage your arrow’s flight path. Bowhunting in less-than-optimal weather is part of the game. Leupold didn’t forget about this when creating the Fulldraw 5. With functionality between temps of -40 to 160 degrees F, this rangefinder will also withstand exposure to rain and snow and has a Last Target mode that will provide precise readings even in foggy weather.

Price – $499 

A quality rangefinder is a vital piece of gear that contributes to bowhunting success. If you don’t have one, pick up one of these five rangefinders for this season and be 100% confident in knowing your shot distances this fall.

Kyle Lipke
Kyle Lipke resides in Tijeras, New Mexico where he enjoys writing about his passion for bowhunting.
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