2015 Father’s Day Hunting Gift Ideas


Check out these exclusive deals on the best hunting gift ideas for Dad! Mathews No Cam™ HTR Surprise Dad this year with one of hottest bows on the market – the Mathews No Cam™ HTR! Featuring the all new No Cam™ ST system this one of the most accurate bows ever built. Available in a […]

5 Signs You’re a Scent Control Freak


There’s little questioning the importance scent control has on your hunting success.  For decades hunters have tried nearly every conceivable way to remove, eliminate, destroy, prevent and kill scent in order to remain undetected by their prey.  And while controlling your scent is certainly a worthwhile endeavor, there are some who take it to the […]

HHA King Pin Sight Review

When it comes to single pin sights, there is no question HHA Sights is king of the world. For 2015, they have a new sight called the Optimizer Lite King Pin that comes packed with features. For starters, the sight has five feet of fiber optics so it is extremely bright. It has a mechanical rheostat so the brightness of the pin can be adjusted. What bowhunters will really like is that the sight can be sighted in at 20 and 60 yards. The sight will be dialed in yard for yard, out to 100 yards. On top of that, the King Pin comes with a sight tape magnifier so bowhunters can be accurate down to 1/4 yard. Talk about splitting hairs...this sight will do it! The sight also has 2.1” of vertical adjustment and interchangeable wheels for different arrow or bow weight configurations.

There was a time when single-pin bow sights were considered to be sights built strictly for competition shooters. Well, times have changed, and single-pin slider sights are now the rage among bowhunters as well. Bowhunters have realized the simplicity of hunting with a single-pin sight and are experiencing more punched tags as they add this […]

Charge of the Bright Brigade

The gallant "Charger of the Bright Brigade".

It is my experience that most hunters who have taken a swipe at the wild turkey, regardless of what kind of a legal weapon is used, consider it to be an addicting, exciting pastime worthy of the time, effort and expense required to bring home such a small dab of, most often, quite chewy, white […]

Finger vs. Thumb Release

For proper execution with a thumb-trigger release the barrel should rest securely back into your thumb, almost near the palm of your hand.

The index-finger or caliper style, wrist strap release is by far the most common release aid used by bow hunters. I haven’t hunted with one in years. Why? Because I discovered the many benefits of a handheld, thumb-trigger release. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great things about a typical wrist strap release: they […]

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