Fourth Arrow Talon & Tool-less 3.0 Shoulder Lighten the Camera Arm Load

By Brodie SwisherSeptember 18, 20201 Comment

Fourth Arrow Camera Arms came on strong in recent years with an impressive lineup of innovative tree arms for the hunters looking to capture the hunt on camera. The products they offered were lighter and offered more mobility than anything on the market. 

However, they weren’t perfect. They had a few annoying features that frustrated hunters while setting up in the tree. There was a demand for a more streamlined, user-friendly system. And with the recent releases the company’s made for 2020, I’m happy to say they have answered the demand quite nicely. 

We’ll take a closer look at the new Fourth Arrow Talon Base and Tool-less 3.0 Shoulder in the video below. Check it out…

A Better Base

The Fourth Arrow crew set out to build a better base system for 2020. The  idea was to lighten the load, yet maintain a solid foundation for the shoulder and camera arm. 

The end result delivered both the Talon Base and the 3.0 Base. Like the standard bases before it, the 3.0 was designed to be pre-set in your treestand locations on the properties you hunt. You simply set it and forget it. It’ll be there ready and waiting  when you show up for your hunt. All you’ll have to do is drop your Fourth Arrow Shoulder and camera arm into the base and you’re ready to hunt. 

The new 3.0 Base is 32% lighter than the 2.0 Base, grips the tree really well, and features the company’s new stretch-free straps for a solid anchor to the tree. 

A solid camera starts with a better base.

For the mobile hunter, the company now offers the Talon Base. It’s a tiny base that is more compact than anything the company has offered yet. The “talons” are sharp and bite into the tree really well. 

Better yet, these talons fold down when not in use to protect your gear from being cut, scratched, or damaged, as well as make it super compact. 

The Talon was designed to be an all-in-one unit, paired with the new Tool-less 3.0 Shoulder to make it the ultimate run-n-gun system for hunters wanting to shave the weight and go in as compact as possible. 

The Talon is compact in design with talons that bite and hold the tree.

The Tool-less 3.0 Shoulder 

The new Tool-less 3.0 Shoulder is the product that changes the game more than  anything  else in the new lineup from Fourth Arrow. The tool-less design of this new shoulder answers the demand for a better way of doing things from Fourth Arrow customers. 

In the past, the shoulder system utilized a tool that was used for making adjustments and leveling out the camera arm. The tool was simple enough to use, but if you weren’t careful, it would make noise as you rattle it around on the shoulder. You also had to worry about dropping the tool to the ground if you didn’t have it anchored to the shoulder. Other hunters complained about leaving the tool in the truck, or back at camp. 

You can see the size difference in the old and new systems. The old one on the left requires a tool to make adjustments.

Between the tool being a noise maker, or something that often got left behind, the Fourth Arrow crew set out to build a better system. And that’s exactly what they got with the new Tool-less 3.0 Shoulder. 

A single turn knob is all that's necessary to adjust the new 3.0 Shoulder. No tools required.

As the name implies, the new model is adjustable without the use of tools. One simple turn of a single knob is all that’s necessary to make adjustments and level out the camera arm. It’s fast, simple, and more hunter friendly than ever before. 

The design is 17% lighter than the 2.0 Shoulder and still has 360-degree leveling. It has a black finish and is easily stashed in your pack or pocket. 

The company has even designed a conversion kit that allows you to convert your 2.0 Base to work with the 3.0 Shoulder. 

Here's a side by side look at my previous Fourth Arrow Shoulder and Run-n-Gun base compared to the new Tool-less 3.0 Shoulder and Talon base.

Last Thoughts

If you’re loooking to get started filming hunts, or looking for an upgrade on your camrea arm, be sure to give this new combination a look. You can purchase the complete Talon Carbon Arm Kit for $259. 

Check out the complete lineup of Fourth Arrow Camera Arms and gear at www.fourtharrowcameraarms.com

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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