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20 Shots in 20 Minutes

Check out this collection of some of our favorite bowhunting shots from through the years. Whether it’s early-season bowhunting in the heat, the excitement of bowhunting the rut, or toughing it out during the freezing cold of late-season, we love bowhunting! So kick back for a few minutes and check out this great compilation of […]
02/8/2021February 8, 2021

Bowhunt or Die Season 8 Outtakes & Bloopers!

What is Bowhunt or Die? Bowhunt or Die is our webshow that is dedicated to bow hunting. We do everything from bow hunting elk through bow hunting turkey. Subscribe for new bow hunting videos through out the year! And of course during the hunting season Bowhunt or Die features weekly episodes every Friday! We are […]
08/14/2018August 14, 2018

Pearce Em'

Mike Pearce bowhunts Indiana during the early season, and puts down a nice doe. Pearce Em!
09/30/2016September 30, 2016

Richie Music Hit List 2016

Richie Music shares some of his trail camera photos with us and has an encounter with some angery wasps.
09/23/2016September 23, 2016

John Herrmann Hit List 2016

John Herrmann gives us a look at some of the nice whitetails he’ll be chasing in Illinois and Wisconsin this fall.
09/10/2016September 10, 2016

Troy Spolum Antelope Doe

After tagging out on a nice antelope buck, Troy Spolum took advantage of some extra time to spot and stalk antelope does before heading home.  Although the shot is a bit off the mark, the Spitfire DoubleCross put her down in short order.
09/10/2016September 10, 2016

Todd Graf Hit List 2016

Take a look at Todd’s Hit List bucks for this year. Don’t forget to leave a comment below and give these bucks some names!
08/26/2016August 26, 2016