Cool Tools for the Treestand Hunter From HSS

By Brodie SwisherOctober 1, 20151 Comment

Opening day of bow season always seems to reveal the flaws and failures in my pre-season gear preparation. I was hunting with friend and outfitter, Harry Pozniak, of River Valley Farms in Cadiz, KY last month on the KY opener when I once again found myself scrambling for gear. As Harry dropped me off at my treestand on the first day, I fumbled around in my backpack for 5 minutes looking for my screw-in gear hangers before climbing the stand. He didn’t say it, but I’m sure he thought it, “What a rookie!” I finally dug out a handful of screw-in hooks and was ready to make the climb. When I turned to the tree I realized I had forgotten my haul line as well. Rookie!!! I was mad enough to cuss…and throw things.

I rounded up some rope on day two so I could pull my bow up into the stand without having to strap it to my back. Problem was, when I got to the stand that rope had worked itself into a tangled mess. I once again spent time at the base of the tree dealing with gear and untangling knots.

I left that hunt determined to find a simpler solution for organizing my treestand gear. The answer actually came quick and easy with a few new items I found from Hunter Safety System. Here’s a look at some cool tools for the treestand hunter from HSS.


Bow & Gear Hoist

Untangling a haul line at the base of your tree can be the most frustrating few minutes of your life. And if you’re doing it in the dark, things just might get ugly. Say goodbye to the mess of tangles and knots in a loose rope or cord. The Bow & Gear Hoist from HSS features a tangle free rewind system that makes life easy.


The rubberized carabiner on this hoist protects your bow or other gear from scratches or damage. You simply snap it on to your gear, and you’re good to go. It’s nice and easy. No tying and untying knots around your gear or bow. You then slide the hoist on your harness or backpack strap, and you’re ready to climb. Once you’re securely in the stand, pull your gear up hand-over-hand. Finally, rewind the line back into the hoist with the hand crank.

Crow’s Foot

Getting all your gear securely in place after climbing into the treestand takes time. I’ve always been annoyed by having to screw in multiple gear hooks to accommodate all my stuff. The new Crow’s Foot is a much simpler solution that allows you to hang most all your gear from a single screw-in unit.


The Crow’s Foot is compact, yet it features 3 different rotating arms to hold your bincoulars, range-finder, quiver, and any other gear you care to add to the mix. I was really impressed how quickly and easily the self-tapping screw went into the tree. Each arm of the Crow’s Foot features multiple grooves to help keep your gear separated and tangle free. The screw on the Crow’s Foot folds down nice and slick within the body of the unit eliminating any holes being punched in your pack or thigh-stabbing shots to the leg from a loose screw in your pocket.

Talon Folding Accessory Hook

If you’re wanting a sing-hook design for your gear hanger then check out HSS’s new Talon folding accessory hook. Like the Crow’s Foot, the Talon features a simple and secure self-tapping screw for easy installation. Multiple grooves in the hook ensure that your gear will not slip or slide off.


Weighing in at less than an ounce the Talon is tiny. It is the perfect tool to keep with you at all times in the deer woods. I like to keep one in my pants pocket, backpack, and several in the truck. The Talon comes in a 5-pack which makes it nice for guys like me that tend to lose things in a hurry.

Be sure to check out the complete line of HSS gear at www.hssvest.com.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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