CBE’s New Sniper Pro XD: Rock Solid Hunter

By Bow StaffJuly 6, 2016

Clay City KY: (June 30, 2016) Custom Bow Equipment developed the new-for-2016 Sniper Pro XD with one backdrop in mind: When you train and shoot for months to prepare for an epic hunt, bow sight failure is unacceptable.


Premium, rock-solid sight construction is nothing new for CBE, but the fully machined-aluminum Sniper Pro XD stands out with its rugged new Multi-Pin Aperture that holds five ultra-bright, fully protected fiber-optic pins. CBE’s Armed Guard Fiber Management System features CBE’s ultra-durable fiber material and dependable protection where you need it most. Affixed by a bombproof dovetail elevation gang-adjust with helpful laser-engraved markings that let you “set it and forget it” the Sniper Pro XD requires no tinkering or adjustments in the field.

“Successful bowhunting often boils down to making critical, split-second decisions, which is why so many bowhunters depend on a fixed-pin sight,” said CBE President Eric Griggs. “The Sniper Pro XD‘s five Rhino pins and premium bulletproof construction are built to take on the toughest hunts and deliver the type of dependable, foolproof accuracy discriminating bowhunters demand.”

To ensure absolute accuracy the Sniper Pro XD features third axis adjustment and an enclosed rheostat light that lets you match pin brightness to the conditions without spooking game.

Pin, access, protection and durability is job one for the newly redesigned Multiple Pin Aperture, which not only features machined-aluminum toughness, but also holds and protects five newly improved Rhino Pins that now offer more-durable tube-style sleeves, with fiber material that’s brighter and crisper than ever. Also nestled in the clear, protective aperture is a brighter, accuracy-enhancing bubble level.

To ensure all-weather performance and avoid unsightly rust all sight bolts are stainless steel. The Sniper Pro XD is available with a 3.5-inch Dovetail extension or SmartMount with patented, built-in multi-position mounting holes that allow you to mount your sight in the optimal position. The five ultra-rugged Rhino Pins come in your choice of .010 or .019.

MSRP: $299.00

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