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By Hunting NetworkJune 16, 2013

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

It may be small and appear insignificant, but an arrow’s nock provides the initial takeoff point for ideal flight from a bow’s string. This arrow “launch pad” is as crucial as the launch pad for any NASA space mission. If you wish to consistently achieve accuracy perfection with your bow and arrow setup consider quality nocks to jumpstart your arrow’s trajectory.

With Carbon Express’ LaunchPad precision lighted nock , illuminated nock frustrations are a thing of the past. In addition to precision engineering, the LaunchPad precision lighted nock comes with illumination technology so you can follow your arrow from launch to target.

Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streaks

As a beginner bowhunter I didn’t realize the significance of nocks and after a bout of inconsistent groups, and failed attempts to fix the problem with other adjustments I finally narrowed the culprit down to inexpensive nocks. I had unknowingly picked up the second-rate nocks at a hardware store’s limited archery accessory selection. After dumping those nocks and replacing them with a proven brand I was once again on my way to the whitetail vital zone. Nocks are critical and even more so if you add lighting to the mix which can drastically affect the weight, and overall operation of the arrow.

What separates Carbon Express’ LaunchPad precision lighted nocks from the majority of lighted nocks is its focus on performance. Lighted nocks of the past put more emphasis on a reliable light source with minimal emphasis on the overall function of the arrow after the nock was affixed. Extra weight from components, magnets for operation and undependable lighting upon takeoff were classic issues bowhunters dealt with when considering lighted nocks. Some even required extensive alterations to even fit the nocks to various arrow designs.

Carbon Express Lighted Nocks

The LaunchPad precision lighted nock solves those issues and achieves a dependable, illuminated tracking aid as well as exact nock elements that add to your arrow flight characteristics. Carbon Express engineers teamed with professional archers to finalize the concept of the “perfect nock” using high-speed camera analysis. Why is this type of analysis needed? Competition archers agree that the alignment of the nock has a greater effect on arrow flight than even the straightness of the arrow shaft, an aspect often overlooked by shooters and manufacturing companies alike. Armed with this information and mission, the team at Carbon Express established an objective to devise specialized manufacturing equipment to produce the most precise nock available; the patent pending LaunchPad precision lighted nock.

Illumination adds weight to a nock, especially with the addition of battery power. The LaunchPad precision lighted nock’s streamlined weight ensures arrow front-of-center for flat trajectory; a goal archer’s pursue for long-range and flat-shooting results. Engineered for exactness the LaunchPad precision lighted nock’s concentric design features strict tolerances and aligns itself flawlessly with the arrow’s shaft. A nock barrel manufactured with flawless features boosts arrow accuracy and the LaunchPad precision lighted nock’s four-axis straightness, guaranteed to within 0.001 inches, combines for unparalleled launch performance. Lastly, the throat of the nock also follows precision engineering standards so it grips the string the same way every time to guarantee consistent target results.

Attention to details sets the LaunchPad precision lighted nock apart from the competition, but when you add the illumination aspect you get a nock that performs and provides you with the information on the final destination of the arrow’s flight.

Activated by launch, the bright LED illumination is easy to track. Nock colors are available in red, green, blue and pink. Battery life for the red model is 8 hours and the green, blue and pink nocks have an extended life of 50 hours. Regardless of which color you choose, you have ample time to find your arrow or track the animal, and use the illumination to support the quick recovery of game.

In closing, the LaunchPad precision lighted nock fits Carbon Express’ mission to help archers of any skill level to “shoot better.” Fit your arrows with the LaunchPad precision lighted nock and expect the rest of your setup to experience an immediate boost in accuracy with an incredible ability to follow the path of your arrow to target. It’s in my archery arsenal for this coming season. Put it in yours.

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