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Another year has come and gone, and once again today’s bow manufacturers have blown us away with the new bow offerings for 2012.  With each passing season we wonder how modern bows can continue to get lighter, faster, stronger or quieter, and each year they find a way.  From the extremely light weight Mathews Heli-M to the incredible speed of the PSE X-Force Omen Pro, there’s sure to be a bow that fits your needs and shooting style.  Below we have assembled the most comprehensive list of the best bows for 2012.  We hope you enjoy it!

Mathews Heli-M

One of the finest bows Mathews has ever produced, the new Heli-m weighs in at a mere 3.5 pounds thanks to the new Geo Gridlock riser and Harmonic Stablizer light.  The Heli-m measures 30 inches from axle to axle, has a brace height of 7 inches and shoots speeds up to 332 feet per second.  This bow may just be the perfect combination of size, weight, speed and shootability.

The Heli-m is availble in Lost Camo with a rich walnut SlimFit Inline grip, or the popular Tactical black finish with a black Focus grip.

To learn more about the Heli-m you can visit

Mathews Heli-M Bow

Mathews Jewel

Built specifically for the woman archer, the new Mathews Jewel is without a doubt one of the finest women’s bows ever built.    With the same high-end features found on other Mathews premium bows including the Grid Lock riser and Reverse Assist roller guard the Jewel offers top-of-the-line performance.   Weighing just 3.6 pounds and shooting up to 325 feet per second at only 60 pounds of draw weight the Jewel is no slouch in the speed department.  If you’re looking for the ultimate bow for the woman who is serioius about archery and bowhunting, the new Jewel is the bow for you.

Mathews Jewel Women's Bow

McPherson Series Monster MR8

For those bowhunters that like an ultra forgiving brace height while still maintaining a lot of speed the new Monster MR8 is the bow for you.  The MR8 has a 33” axle to axle length a very forgiving 8 inch brace height and still pushes arrows at up to 330 feet per second thanks to the patented AVS cam system.  The new Monster MR8 is great for both bowhunting as well as target shooting and is available in draw lengths of up to 33 inches.

McPherson Series Monster MR8 Bow

Mission Riot

The new Mission Riot is a great bow for hunters that demand performance without breaking the bank.  The Riot is adjustable from 19” all the way to 30” draw lengths and from 15 to 7 0 pounds of draw weight, which makes it great for young bowhunters who are still growing.  At 31 inches axle-to-axle and IBO speeds up to 310 feet per second the Riot is a steal at just $399 retail.

Mission Riot bow

Hoyt Carbon Element RKT

Expanding on their popular line of carbon-riser bows Hoyt introduced the Carbon Element RKT for 2012.  The riser has remained mostly unchanged from 2011, but they have introduced the new RKT cam which offers a silky smooth draw and speeds up to 330 fps.  The Carbon Element RKT measures 32” axle to axle, has a 6 ¾” brace height, and weighs just 3.6 pounds.

Hoyt Carbon Element RKT bow in camo

Hoyt Vector Series Bows

Also new from Hoyt for 2012 are the Vector Series bows.  They are produced in three different variations – the Vector 32, Vector 35 and Vector Turbo.  All Vector bows feature the new RKT cam with ErgoDraw technology and the in-line roller guard.  The Vector 32 measures 32” axle to axle, weighs 4 pounds and shoots up to 330 fps.  The Vector 35 is 35” axle to axle, weighs 4.2 pounds and shoots 325 fps.  The speedy Vector Turbo is also 35” axle to axle but thanks to a 6” brace height shoots up to 340 fps.

Hoyt Vector 35 bow

Bowtech Insanity CPX

One of the most highly anticipated bows for 2012 is the new Bowtech Insanity CPX.  Combining several technologies found in the previous Destroyer and Invasion CPX bows, the new Insanity CPX is sure to be a hit.  Hardcore limbs, FLX-Guard technology and the Overdrive Binary Cam System combine to push arrows at an impressive 355 fps from this 32” axle to axle bow with a 6” brace height.  The new Insanity CPX has a mass weight of 4.3 pounds.

BowTech Insanity CPX

Elite Answer

You asked for it and Elite delivered.  New for 2012 is The Answer.   The new flagship from Elite measures 33 ½” axle to axle, weighs 4.1 pounds, sports a 7” brace height and delivers speeds up to 340 feet per second.  With numbers like these, the Answer makes a great bow for both hunting or 3D shooting.

Elite Answer bow

PSE X-Force Omen Pro

If it’s speed you’re after, then the X-Force Omen Pro from PSE delivers.  With an extremely short brace height of only 5 ½” and an axle-to-axle measurement of 33 5/8” the new Omen Pro is shooting blistering speeds of up to 366 feet per second.

PSE X-Force Omen Pro

PSE Dream Season EVO

The Dream Season EVO has been upgraded from last year with ½ inch module adjustments which provide draw length changes from 25 to 30 inches.   An optimized draw cycle also accounts for an easier draw while decreasing shot noise and vibration.  The Dream Season EVO has a 6” brace height, axle to axle length of 32 ¼” and shoots speeds up to 345 fps.

 PSE Dream Season EVO

PSE Brute X

One of the best kept secrets in the PSE lineup is the Brute X.  With a 31” axle to axle length, 7 1/4” brace height and speeds up to 320 fps the Brute X is a great bow for both beginning archers as well as seasoned veterans.   With a price tag under $400 the Brute X is a great value for 2012.

 PSE Brute X

Prime Centroid LR

New for 2012 from Prime is the Centroid LR.  The lighter and stronger forged aluminum riser offers a stable platform for extreme forgiveness.  With the patent-pending parallel cam technology that eliminates the tradtional problem of cam lean, this 34.25” axle to axle bow features a 7” brace height and shoots speeds up to 332 feet per second.

Prime Centroid LR Bow 

Prime Shift LR

Much like the Centroid LR, the new Shift LR is also lighter and stiffer than it’s predecessor.  In fact, the new riser design is 8% stiffer and 12% lighter than last year’s model.  At 30 inches from axle to axle and shooting speeds up to 332 feet per second the Shift LR is a compact bow that delivers big performance.

 Prime Shift LR Bow

Bear Anarchy

When Bear set out to design their new bow for 2012 they listened to what their customers wanted.  A longer riser design for increased stability, while still being light weight and strong.  What they got was the new Anarchy.  At 35.25” axle to axle the Anarchy sports a 7.25” brace height and fires arrows at a speedy 340 fps.  All of this comes in a 3.8 pound package.

Bear Anarchy Bow

Bear Legion

For bowhunters on a budget, the new Bear Legion was built for you.  With a retail price of just under $400 the Legion sports a compact size of just 30.5” axle to axle while offering a forgiving brace height of 7” and, thanks to the modular E2-Cam, spits out arrows up to 318 feet per second.

 Bear Legion Bow

Ross Crave DRT

The new Crave DRT (which stands for Dead Riser Technology) from Ross Archery features custom-made “DRT” riser dampeners to help kill vibration and hand shock.   This bow is available in two models, the DRT 33.5 and 31.5, both featuring a slim line grip and 2-track dual sync cam system.  Both models boast speeds of up to 335 fps.

 Ross Crave DRT bow

Darton DS-3900

A true “muscle bow” the new DS-3900 is a more compact version of last year’s popular DS-3800.  The new DS-3900 has a short brace height of only 5” which allows it to shoot speeds up to 355 fps.  The DS-3900 weighs 3.9 pounds and comes in draw lengths from 24 to 30 inches.

 Darton DS-3900 bow

Quest Rogue

The 2012 Rogue from Quest features the new Fluid cam, which is a single cam design that offers draw length adjustments without the need for a bow press.  The Rogue weighs in at 4.2 pounds and with a forgiving brace height of 7 ½” inches shoots speeds up to 312 feet per second.

 Quest Rogue bow

Quest Torrent

Utilizing the same Fluid cam as the Rogue, the Torrent offers an increase in speed up to 322 fps while weighing in a 4.2 pounds.

 Quest Torrent bow

Strother Hope

Built with the woman archer in mind, the new Hope from Strother weighs just 3.75 pounds and shoots speeds up to 297 at 25 ½” draw length/60 pound draw weight.   The hope is available in draw weights from 40-60 pounds and draw lengths from 23.5 inches to 25.5 inches.

 Strother Hope bow

Strother Moxie

For archers with an extra long draw, Strother offers the new Moxie.  With a lengthy axle to axle measurement of 37 ½” the Moxie offers draw lengths out to 32 ½” and produces impressive speeds of up to 330 feet per second.  The Moxie is also available in draw weights up to 80 pounds.

 Strother Moxie bow

Winchester Lightning

New from Winchester archery for 2012 is the Lightning, which features the Pro Link Pocket System.  This patent-pending stainless steel turnbuckle adjustment system provides easy adjustments in the field and eliminates the problems associated with frozen limb bolts.  The new Lightning measures 32.5 inches axle to axle, has a 6 inch brace height and shoots impressive speeds up to 350 fps thanks to the 4TracSS cam system.

 Winchester Lightning

Martin Onza III Pro

Continuing on with the bridged riser design that Martin first introduced into archery, the new Onza 3 Pro is a 33.25 inch axle-to-axle bow that provides speeds up to 340 fps thanks to the Nitro Hybrid cam system.  The new Onza III also features a carbon string dampening system and pivoting Roto Cup limb alignment system.  All of this with a mass weight of just 4.0 pounds.

 Martin Onza III Pro bow

.New Bows for 2012
So which bow is your favorite for 2012?  Post below to let us know!

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