Crossbow Innovations For 2010

By Daniel James HendricksMay 8th, 20152 Comments

The January highlight of every year for those involved with the archery industry is the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show. This annual archer’s reunion of bow and arrow manufacturers and archery dealers from around the world not only provides an opportunity for face-to-face visitation with friends and business associates, it also provides those who make their living marketing archery equipment and accessories a hands-on chance to see what is new for the upcoming year. The ATA show has been a part of my New Year Schedule since 1994 and 2010 in Columbus, Ohio was just one more exciting year of discovery.

Over the past decade, the climate has changed drastically in the world of the crossbow. Ten years ago, one could walk past the crossbow booths at the ATA show and see hardly anyone in the crossbow booths. January 2010, however, found more crossbow booths than ever and they were all bubbling over the brightly glowing flames of the hottest fire in the archery industry – crossbows. Not only were there new and exciting crossbows, but accessories for crossbows were popping all across the entire show. Apparently the secret about how beneficial the crossbow is for the industry is getting out. Just about everyone is climbing on board the runaway bus called “Crossbow Mania”.

This article will touch briefly on some of the new crossbows that appeared at this year’s ATA Show and with each a website address will be provided that will allow you to learn more about those bows that interest you most. It is impossible to go into great detail while keeping this article short. The items we discuss are products that caught our eye and that we think you should know about. Bear in mind that we have not field-tested any of these items, but hope to do so over the next year or so and will share our field results when it happens.


Barnett unleashes a powerful new addition to its lineup called the BoneCrusher, which delivers 365 feet/second with a 175 pound draw weight and a 15” power stroke. This is not a bow for the faint of heart. It comes wrapped in Barnett’s famed AVI System and tips the scales at 9 pounds. It includes the new Barnett ADF and is topped with a 3×32 Multi Reticle red/green dot sight. The BoneCrusher is rugged, durable and has all the power needed to handle the toughest of quarry. For information on Barnett’s entire fine line of crossbows and crossbow accessories go to or call 727-234-4999.



CenterPoint (formerly Crosman) is a company famous for its airguns is now manufacturing premium crossbows. New in 2010 is the Hex 2 which sports a new, all black tactical look. This split limb compound bow launches arrows at 300 feet/second with a 150 pound draw weight. Utilizing the CenterPoint quad limb system, Lighting Touch Trigger and precision CenterPoint 1×30 crossbow optic the HEX 2 is a performance pleaser. The HEX 2 also comes with three carbon arrows and a quick detach 1-piece quiver. This handsome, smooth performing crossbow will provide ultimate performance shot after shot, year after year. For information on CenterPoint’s entire fine line of crossbows and crossbow accessories go to or call 800-724-7486.



Darton’s new entry for 2010 is the Serpent. This crossbow launches a 425 grain arrow at 315 feet/second with a 170 pound draw weight and a 13 inch power stroke. It tips the scales at eight pounds, 11 ounces and comes in the same distinctive “Combat” silhouette that has become a Darton motif. This ergonomically designed crossbow is not only handsome, but it is crafted to deliver maximum performance year in and year out. For information on Darton’s entire fine line of crossbows and crossbow accessories go to or call 989-728-4231.



From Excalibur Crossbows in Ontario Canada, the new kid on the block is the Axiom. This handsome lightweight bow tips the scale at just 6 pounds making it a joy to carry over hill and dale while quietly delivering deadly accuracy. A draw weight of 175 pounds with a 14.5 inch power stroke delivers a 350 grain arrow over 300 feet/second which is more than enough thump to drive your arrow through any animal on the North American continent. It comes in a Realtree Advantage Timber skin and is built with the same high quality and performance that Excalibur has become famous. Easy to handle, durable and tough, this crossbow would be a dependable starter or a fine addition to any crossbow arsenal. Trust me when I say the Excalibur Axiom is going to leave its mark. For information on Excalibur’s entire fine line of crossbows and crossbow accessories go to or call 519-743-6890.



Horton’s new kid on the block for 2010 is the Team Realtree Ultra-Lite Express. This compact compound crossbow weighs in at just 6 ½ pounds and delivers a 330 feet/second arrow speed with 175 pounds of draw weight and a 13.5 inch power stroke. It has interchangeable Recoil pads for customized length of pull from 13’ to 14’. Great features with great performance. The light weight of this bow matched with a length of 34” and a width of 24” makes this bow easy maneuver in the bush without wearing you down. Comfortable, adjustable and dependable, the TRT Ultra-Lite Express will deliver you arrow in a deadly and accurate fashion and bring a smile to your face and meat to your freezer. For information on Excalibur’s entire fine line of crossbows and crossbow accessories go to or call 330-291-5710.



For 2010 Park Crossbows introduced the Cyclone Express, a smaller version of their extremely popular Cyclone. It tips the scales at just 8.3 pounds, but launches a 400 grain arrow at over 300 feet/second with a 175 pound draw weight. It has a 4-position adjustable stock and vented adjustable forearm with dual palm swell locations which makes it easy to adapt to each shooter. It is offered with several choices of optics as well as in a complete package that will provide everything you need to hit the field. This is a dynamite bow that will provide years of dependable service. For information on Parker’s entire fine line of crossbows and crossbow accessories go to or call 540-337-5426.



TenPoint new kid on the block for 2010 is the Turbo XLT. Its 180 pound draw weight propels a 420 grain arrow 315 feet/second. Its narrow outline (13.5 from axel to axel) and light weight (7 pounds, 11 ounces) make it a dream to carry in the field or to comfortably sit a treestand with. It features TenPoint’s Dry Fire Inhibitor (DFI) and their 3.5-pound PowerTouch-10 Trigger. All these feature, plus many more come to you with the solid construction that TenPoint has become famous for. This new addition to the TenPoint line is defiantly a keeper that will provide years of dependable service. For information on TenPoint’s entire fine line of crossbows and crossbow accessories go to or call 330-628-9245.



Completely new for 2010 is Wicked Ridge that boasts of making “Simply the best crossbows under $500…ever! They introduced two initial models, the Invader and the Warrior. The Invader is a 180 pound draw weight split limb compound that discharges arrows a 305 feet/second. The Warrior is a split limb compound with a 165 draw weight that fires its arrow at 285 feet/second. Since Wicked Ridge is a subsidiary of TenPoint Crossbows, each of these models has the Power Touch Trigger, Dry Fire Inhibitor and is available with the ACU-52 Self-Retracting Rope Cocking System all patented by TenPoint Crossbows. If you are looking for a quality bow for a reasonable investment, you owe it to yourself to check out Wicked Ridge. For information on Wicked Ridge’s entire fine line of crossbows and crossbow accessories go to or call 330-628-9245.



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