How To Mount A Bow Sight

Learning how to mount a bow sight is relatively simple and will allow you to work on your bow at home without the need of a bow shop or technician.  Mounting a bow sight requires only an Allen wrench along with the sight and the Allen screws that accompany it. All bow sights will have mounting holes machined into them.  These holes are a universal size so any bow sight will fit on any bow. This is where the Allen screws will go in order to attach the sight to the bow.

Some bow sights offer the option of several different mounting holes.  Mounting holes can come in different configurations in order to allow the sight to be adjusted either up and down or in and out on the bow riser.  Because bow’s vary in size and configuration from one company to another it may be necessary to adjust your sight position in order to maximize your accuracy.  Speaking of which, in order to improve accuracy try and place the pin further from the shooting eye.   Creating additional eye relief between your eye and the sight pin is much like aiming down the long barrel of a rifle versus the short barrel of a handgun.

Archer working on compound bow

Mounting a bow sight is relatively simple, however always remember to check your sight screws several times per year to ensure they stay tight.

To mount the bow sight simply lay it flat against the bow riser with the sight housing on the same side of the riser as the arrow shelf. Next, align the mounting holes on the sight with the mounting holes on the bow riser. Then take the Allen head screws that came with the sight and thread them into the holes. Be sure that the screws do not start in cross-threaded as this will damage the bow riser and may require further measures to fix. Tighten down the mounting screws using an Allen head wrench until the bow sight is seated tightly against the bow riser.  

In order to avoid vibration and excess noise always be sure your bow sight is mounted securely to the riser.  It is a good idea to check these screws several times per year, especially before and during the hunting season.

Once your bow sight is securely mounted to your bow you can begin the process of adjusting your pins and sighting in.

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