Bowhunt 101

Archery Basics

Bowhunting is half hunting and half archery.  Mastering the basics of archery will allow you to become a more proficient, and successful, bowhunter.

fall turkey

The Right Approach - Getting Kids Started in Archery

7 Min Read
Introducing a child to archery is as easy as counting to three. As an avid bowhunter and father, there is unquestionably a burning desire in me to pass along my passion for archery and the outdoors to my children. And, just as any parent, I want them t
How To Practice For Bowhunting Turkeys

How To Shoot Better 3-D Scores

7 Min Read
Most die hard bowhunters have shot an occasional 3D course, however we often hear questions about what it takes to get better than the average Joe. 3D archery can be shot for many reasons by different people, from preparing for the woods all the way to th
Benefits Of Arrow Speed

Benefits of Arrow Speed

9 Min Read
Some people say they prefer to shoot a slower arrow. I guess they feel a slow arrow is more accurate. That may have been true when using some of the rough-tuning bows and big-bladed broadheads of the 1990s, but it is not true today. Other than making the
Getting Started The Bowhunting Basics

Getting Started - The Bowhunting Basics

11 Min Read
If you are scratching your head trying to make sense of all the technical stuff we write about and the myriad of options available to you when setting up a bow, this article is for you.
Understanding Compound Bows

Understanding Compound Bows

11 Min Read
Today's compound bows are becoming increasingly technical. Understanding the fundamentals of how they work will allow you to become a more accurate and efficient archer.

Broadhead Tuning For Field Point Accuracy

8 Min Read
For many years bowhunters have struggled with getting their broadheads to fly true. These helpful steps will have your broadheads grouping with your field points in no time.
Bow Tuning Basics

Bow Tuning Basics

10 Min Read
Many bowhunters shy away from trying to tune their own equipment because they believe it to be too complicated for them. In reality, tuning your own bow is something everyone bowhunter can learn to do.
Building Your Own Arrows

How To Build Your Own Arrows

6 Min Read
Building your own arrows allows you to save about 5 to 10 dollars per dozen, but there's an even better reason for building your own. You can experiment with all the components, with the various fletching styles and shaft sizes until you find the perfect