Muddy Infinity Ground Blind Review

By Brodie SwisherJuly 3, 2020

I was scrolling through the calendar earlier today and realized we’re just two months away from the kick-off of the annual velvet buck hunt here in Tennessee. It lit a fresh fire in me for what lies ahead. It won’t be long now! It also reminded me that now is the time to hang stands and get some ground blinds in place to catch a velvet buck on an afternoon feeding pattern around an ag field edge. 

One blind I plan to have in place on one of these sets is the Muddy Infinity ground blind. It’s a slick new blind with great features and a price that’s hard to beat. Muddy offers the blind in a 2-man and 3-man version. We’ll be taking a closer look at the 2-man blind today.

Muddy Infinity 2 Ground Blind Review
Meet the all-new Muddy Infinity 2 ground blind.

First Impressions

A few of this blind’s features that quickly jump out as elements of a great blind are visibility, ease in set up, quality camo, brush straps and adjustable windows. 

This blind has these features, and many more, that make it a hunter friendly ground blind for new hunters and seasoned hunters alike. 

Take a closer look at the blind in the video below…

Specs on the Muddy Infinity 2

Camo Pattern – Veil Camo Cervidae 
Heavy-Duty 600 Denier Fabric 
Shadow Mesh 1-way Window
Silent Slide Windows
Footprint – 58″x58″x72″
Shooting Width – 75″x75″
Capacity – 2 Person 

Shadow Mesh Window

The rage in ground blinds in the last few years has been greater visibility through unique 1-way viewing window technology. These mesh window designs help to eliminate blind spots and increase visibility on approaching game. 

How does it work? 

Shadow Mesh allows you to see out but game can’t see in. This creates a true 360-degree viewing scenario to maximize visibility and increase shot opportunities. Say goodbye to game sneaking in from your backside or blinds spots on your sides. Shadow Mesh gives you an advantage when it comes to increased visibility. 

Muddy Infinity 2 Ground Blind Review
Shadow Mesh allows you to see out, but game can't see in.

Memory Wire

In addition to greater visibility, the Muddy Infinity 2 also allows for increased shot opportunities thanks to the Memory Window curtains.

Memory Wire allows you to customize your window setup. Different hunts deliver different shooting scenarios and the Memory Wire allows you to open and close windows for the perfect window configuration for the particular setup you’re hunting on any given day.   

Brush Straps

Unlike turkey hunting, deer hunting from a ground blind works best when you take the time to brush the blind into its surroundings. A box-like structure left in the wide open will typically spook deer long before they get into bow range. That’s why we add brush to break up the roof-line and corners. Make it look like a brush pile instead of a box. That’s the key. 

The Infinity features 2 rows of brush straps to make the brushing job much easier. In a matter of minutes, you can add trimmed brush, branches, corn stalks, or grass into these straps to make the blind seemingly disappear. 

Muddy Infinity 2 Ground Blind Review


Beyond all the great features built into this blind, you’ll find a killer price on the Infinity 2. It has a price tag of just $199.99, allowing you to buy more blinds to outfit multiple hunting locations if you want to leave them in place all season. As mentioned above, Muddy also offers the Infinity 3, a larger blind option with additional space for maximum comfort for up to 3 people. The Infinity 3 is priced at $279.98.

Whether you’re hunting with kids, or just looking for a more comfortable hunting option to battle the elements, a portable ground blind is hard to beat. Check out the Muddy Infinity 2 ground blind at your local Muddy dealer, or online at www.gomuddy.com

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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