6 Reasons Bowfishing is Better Than Bass Fishing

By Brodie SwisherJune 22, 20203 Comments

If you’re looking for a new and exciting challenge this summer, look no further than bowfishing. It’s a refreshing change from your standard bass fishing trip to the lake in the summer months. No, I’m not against bass fishing. In fact, I love to bass fish. I just like bowfishing better. 


Here’s a look at 6 reasons bowfishing is better than bass fishing. 

5 Reasons Bowfishing Is Better Than Bass Fishing
Is there anything better than bows and big fish in the summertime?

1. You Get to Shoot Your Fish Instead of Catch Them

By its mere nature, bowfishing is entirely more manly than bass fishing. Think about it. Who wants to catch something when they could shoot it? 

Take deer hunting for instance. Would you rather catch a deer, or shoot one? 

All the basic principles of bass fishing apply to bowfishing, however, we get to shoot our fish. It makes for a much more sporty experience. 

2. It's Not Catch and Release

If a bowfisherman catches and removes invasive fish from the waters, he’s pretty much a hero. He’s done his good deed for society.

However, if a bass fisherman doesn’t follow good catch and release practices, he’ll get scorned. It’s just the way it is. 

Bowfishing targets carp and other rough fish that can be harmful to the local lakes and rivers. In fact, Asian carp numbers have grown to  staggering levels causing some agencies to place per-pound bounties for their removal from the waterways. Ample targets equal big-time fun for bowfishing enthusiasts. 

Better yet, bowfishermen can throw a cooler in the boat and bring home choice fish for the dinner table at the end of the night. A practice that would get most any bass fisherman shunned for life. 

5 Reasons Bowfishing Is Better Than Bass Fishing
Catch and release or kill and eat? The choice is yours when bowfishing.

3. 1 Arrow vs. Endless Tackle

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a gear nut. I like tons of tackle. But I really like the fact that I can hop in the boat, or wade the shallows with a bow in hand and a single arrow.

I don’t have to worry about topwater tackle, plastics, fancy colors, or any other aspect of bait when bowfishing. I simply cruise the water in search of a single fish to unleash my bow’s fury upon. It’s a beautiful thing!

4. Bigger Fish, Bigger Fun

Bowfishing yields bigger fish, and we all know that bigger fish translates to bigger fun. 

There’s no shame in the 3 pound bass being held proudly with outstretched arms for the camera. It’s just that 30-pound fish running your line out across the lake like something out of the ocean is a lot more fun. 

Want bigger fish on your line? Give bowfishing a try this summer. 

5. Bowfishing Boats Cost Less Than a New Truck

Another great aspect of bowfishing compared to bass fishing is that the boats used are much more affordable. There’s honestly no comparison when it comes to bowfishing boats vs. bass fishing boats. 

Inexpensive aluminum boats are king when it comes to bowfishing, compared to high-dollar glass boats that often cost far more than the truck that’s pulling them for the bass man. 

Yes, bowfishing rigs tend to be some of the ugliest – and stinkiest – boats you’ll find anywhere on the lake. But even the higher-end bowfishing boats come in with a far better price tag than what our bass fishing brothers face when they are shopping for a new boat. 

5 Reasons Bowfishing Is Better Than Bass Fishing
Bowfishing boats are typically much more affordable than the rigs you'll find among bass fishermen.

6. Bowfishing Combines the Best of the Best

The beauty of bowfishing is that it combines the best of the best in the outdoors, all in one package. It delivers fishing, hunting, archery, bowhunting, boating, and at times, swimming, all in one action-packed adventure. 

It truly is hard to beat when it comes to a sport that offers plenty of targets, yet  a challenge like nothing else you’ll ever experience on land or water. 


Pound for pound bowfishing offers the most fun and excitement you can have with a bow in hand during the off-season. Give it a try this summer when you find yourself searching for something to keep your muscles sharp and your aim true. It’ll be a lot more fun than bass fishing, I promise. 

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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