Hoyt Axius Alpha Bow Review

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Hoyt has long been known as one of the powerhouse bow brands in the industry. Their bows are built tough and put through quite the torture test before being unleashed to the public. 

Their 2020 lineup of compound bows is no different, with several new options that continue to build on the technology Hoyt fans have grown to love over the years.

Hoyt Axius Bow Review
Check out the Hoyt Axius Alpha

For 2020, Hoyt released a variety of bows in three categories they are calling the Alpha Series, (Compact design for bowhunters), Ultra Series (Longer axle-to-axle at 34″), and the Turbo Series (built for speed). The idea was to break away from a one-size-fits-all bow design and ensure that somewhere among their bow lineup was a bow that fit your exact needs. 

In this review, we’re looking specifically at the Hoyt Axius in the Alpha Series. Check it out in our 2020 Hoyt Axius Bow Review below.

To get started, check out the video below for a closer look at what’s new for 2020…

Hoyt Axius Alpha - First Impressions

The Axius bow is the aluminum riser design in the Alpha Series from Hoyt for 2020. The bow has a nice, light and compact feel to it. It’s well balanced in the hand, both at full draw and at your side on the carry.

With the Axius being Hoyt’s aluminum riser design option, it weighs in slightly heavier than it’s carbon version big brother, the Carbon RX-4. It’s a good feel – not too heavy, but not too light either. 

Hoyt Axius Bow Review
Compact design for an easy carry, the Hoyt Axius is built for bowhunters.

Hoyt risers have long been known as some of the toughest in the business, and nothing changes with this riser on the Axius. It’s a beefy design that you’ll know is built tough the moment you lay hands on it.

I’ve really liked the way the Hoyt bows have felt in my hand in recent years, and this bow is no different.  I really like the feel and compact design of this setup.

Specs on the Hoyt Axius Alpha

Speed:  342 FPS

Axle to Axle:  29½

Brace Height:  6

Bow Weight:  4.3 lbs

Draw Length:  25-28″, 28-30″

Draw Weights:  30-40#, 40-50#, 50-60#, 55-65#, 60-70#, 70-80#

ZTR Cam Delivers a Smoother Draw

Hoyt bows have grown smoother and smoother on the draw in recent years, largely due to their ZT cam series. However, the 2020 series of Alpha bows features a redesigned cam system – the ZTR cam. 

The ZTR cam is Hoyt’s 3rd generation in the ZT cam series, built specifically for the smoother draw, but also has a harder back wall, resulting in a solid anchor. The company says it’s their smoothest, hardest back wall, and quietest cam system they’ve ever offered.

Hoyt Axius Bow Review
The new ZTR cam has raised the bar when it comes to a smoother drawing bow.

Even better, the cam comes in two sizes. The concept was designed to optimize energy and efficiency. You’ll find cam options for draw lengths from 25-28 inches and 28-30 inches. 

The bow does feature a really nice draw cycle. Smooth from front to back and sits nicely against the back wall. Once again, it’s a nice improvement from their 2019 model bows. 

Integrate Mounting System

Hoyt jumped on board with the integrate mounting system that we saw come on the scene in recent years. 

The system is machined directly into the riser allowing compatible rest to be mounted directly to the machined dovetail. The result is a connection that physically cannot rotate. 

No more slipping, sliding, and rotating. The integrate system is pretty much fool proof. It’s a really great concept for the DIY bow tech, or anybody else that wants to set up and tweak their own gear. This system makes the job of getting your bow set up easier than ever before. 

Hoyt Axius Bow Review
The fool-proof design of the integrate rest keeps your arrow rest rock solid.

Sound and Vibration Dampening

Sound and vibration control have been addressed in this bow through both Shock Pods and the StealthShot String suppression system.

The Shock Pod Vibration Damping System  was designed to kill vibration in the bow riser. The pods are positioned on the low end at the bottom of the riser. The bow also features dampeners in both the top and bottoms limbs.

Hoyt Axius Bow Review
The Axius is outfitted from top to bottom with noise and vibration dampening control.

Another element of vibration reduction built into this bow is what Hoyt calls their StealthShot string suppression system. The system got an upgrade for 2020 with an all-new material designed to kill noise and vibration like never before.

The bow is quiet enough, but what really got my attention was how much better it performed at the shot. It is noticeably smoother on the shot, greatly reduced in vibration and hand-shock. 

TEC Riser

As mentioned above, Hoyt bows have a reputation for being some of the toughest on the planet.

How tough?

The company puts their bows through a torture test that requires the risers to survive 1500 dry fires without fail before going into the product line. It’s a self-imposed Hoyt standard the company prides itself on when it comes to building bullet-proof bows that can take the abuse dished out by bowhunters. 

The extra strength from TEC Riser also allows Hoyt to build a narrower grip into the bow. The result, less hand torque and more accuracy. 

Hoyt Axius Bow Review
Hoyt's TEC riser has a reputation for being among the toughest in the industry.

Roller Cable Guard

I never get too terribly excited about roller guard technology, but Hoyt says their silky smooth roller guard is what contributes to the smoother draw cycle you’ll find with this bow. And they’ve definitely built a smoother drawing bow with this one, so it seems to be working to that effect.

The roller guard is simple, tight and compact to the bow.

Beyond helping deliver a smoother draw, the roller guard was also designed to reduce friction for increased efficiency and shot performance.

Hoyt Axius Bow Review
The roller guard was designed to provide a smoother draw cycle and reduce friction.

X-ACT Grip System

For many shooters, the grip can make or break your impression of the bow. And let’s be honest, it’s the foundation for your shot, so it’s a pretty big deal, whether you admit it, or not. 

I personally like the grips found on the Hoyt bows in recent years. In fact, they are one of my favorite grips across the industry. It really fits nice in my fat hand without twisting, slipping, or sliding around. 

Hoyt Axius Bow Review
The X-ACT grip on the Axius is simple, slim, and fits great in the hand.

 Hoyt spent a lot of time and effort in the development of their grip, from the width and angle to the overall shape, to make sure you have proper hand placement with each shot.  

FUSE Custom Strings

The Alpha Series bows are outfitted with Hoyt’s own Fuse Custom Bowstrings.

The strings are built on hi-tech computerized tension machines for the ultimate in strength, durability and to prevent string stretch and peep rotation.  

Hoyt Axius Bow Review
FUSE Strings come standard on the Hoyt Axius bow.

Hoyt Axius - Testing & Performance

The test bow I received came in at 72 pounds draw weight with limb bolts bottomed out and was set to 28″ draw length. 

I put the bow on the LCA bow scale to check physical weight of the bare bow and it weighed in at 4.3 pounds as advertised.

Hoyt Axius Bow Review
Our test bow weighed in at 4.3 pounds.

The arrow rest on the bow is the UltraRest Integrate MX drop away rest that mounts quick and easy to the dovetail system mentioned above. 

To get an idea of how this bow performed in real-world hunting conditions, I shot 3 different arrows with varying grain weights ranging from 398 grains to 508 grains. 

Here’s a look at what I got from each out of the chrono with the Axius bow with a 28″ draw length and 72# draw weight…

398-grain Easton Axis Arrow – 301 fps

467-grain Easton Axis FMJ – 281 fps

508-grain Easton Axis FMJ – 268 fps

Hoyt Axius Alpha Bow Review - Conclusion

The Hoyt Axius bow in the Alpha series is a solid shooter that is easily in the top 3 compound bows for 2020. It packs easy, shoots great, has plenty of punch and is built rock solid. 

The Axius sells for $1199 and can be found at your local Hoyt dealer. You can also check them out online at www.hoyt.com

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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