Best New Turkey Decoys of 2020

By Brodie SwisherMarch 11, 2020

Turkey decoys continue to get more and more lifelike with each passing spring. The impostors we carry to the woods these days look incredible, move like an active bird and are more durable than ever before. 

Here’s a look at the best new turkey decoys for 2020.

The season is almost here! Do you have the decoys that will bring a bird within bow range?

Avian-X HDR Hen

Avian-X builds on their line of realistic turkey decoys with added options for a variety of scenarios with the introduction of the HDR Hen in their Heavy-Duty Realism (HDR) line of turkey decoys.

The HDR Hen is the perfect addition to the HDR Jake decoy introduced last year.

The Avian-X HDR Hen and HDR Jake decoys.

These decoys are blow-molded into reality from hand-carved designs for incredible detail and durability.

The HDR Hen features an upright body with two interchangeable head postures for double the realism and double the customization.

Use the outstretched head for more aggressive setups, or the resting head to signal submissiveness. The HDR Hen sells for $149.99.

Higdon TruBreeder & TruFeeder

The crew at Higdon continues to find themselves among the best of the best when it comes to quality, life-like decoys, particularly when it comes to realism through motion. They’ve done it in their waterfowl line and now they’re doing the same in their turkey decoy lineup.

Higdon TruBreeder and TruFeeder Decoys

For 2020, they’ve unleashed their Higdon TruBreeder and TruFeeder Decoys.

As the names imply, these decoys are built to present a breeding pair scenario as well as the motion action of a feeding hen.

Motion can make all the difference when it comes to sealing the deal with a hard-headed gobbler, and these decoys are going to do just that.

The TruBreeder pair sells for $249.99 and the TruFeeder sells for $199.99.

DSD Posturing Jake

Another decoy that allows you to add a more aggressive pose to your turkey decoy spread this spring is the new DSD Posturing Jake.

The Posturing Jake is smaller in size than the company’s full-size strutter, so it’s easier to pack and sets up quick and easy. The wings, beard and tailfan are molded into the decoy so there’s no parts to add or remove or lose along the way.

The Posturing Jake sells for $199.95

Best New Turkey Decoys 2020
DSD Posturing Jake

DSD Ocellated Decoy

If you’re headed south of the border in search of the Ocellated turkey, DSD has you covered there as well. They’re breaking new ground with the introduction of this new and unique Ocellated turkey decoy line.

For years, stuffers have been the only option for hunting these illusive and beautiful turkeys. However, DSD is changing that for 2020 with this new decoy.

Best New Turkey Decoys 2020
DSD Ocellated Series

Like all their turkey decoys, these Ocellated turkeys are made out of DSD’s legendary A.C.E. Technology. 

There is no inflation required, so their rugged body will always hold its natural shape. The Ocellated series includes a hen, jake, or can be bought as a pair. Prices range from $329.95-$599.95.

Replica Decoy Company

The Replica Decoy Company set out to produce the most true to life decoys they could possibly build. You’ll see it in their turkey lineup. 

They’ve spent countless hours in research and development with master carver Cory Hamrick. 

Best New Turkey Decoys 2020
A newer player in the turkey decoy game, RDC offers a very realistic line of decoys for the spring turkey woods.

The lifelike sculptures, coupled with the textured paint to reduce shine, makes for a deadly combination.

The company’s Full Strut Tom comes in 3 different options depending on where you’re hunting across the country – Eastern, Rio, and Merriam’s. 

The Full Strut Tom decoy sells for $200.

Primos Photoform Hen

The Primos Photoform Hen decoy was designed with a process that allows the company to take actual imagery of a hen and print it on 3D molded foam.

Best New Turkey Decoys 2020
Primos Photoform Hen

It makes for a great, lightweight option, perfectly suited for all-day hunts as it folds down easy to fit in your vest or pack. 

The Photoform Hen is priced at $89.99.

Best New Turkey Decoys 2020 - Conclusion

Today’s decoys are more life-like and durable than ever before. Always keep safety in mind when it comes to using these ultra-realistic decoys in the spring turkey woods. 

Be sure to give the decoys mentioned above a look this season if you’re planning on adding a fresh impostor to the flock. 

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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