Top Hunting Blinds for 2020

By Brad KaufmannMarch 6, 2020

Whether you’re turkey hunting in the spring, or ground pounding for deer in the fall, a quality ground blind is one gear item that you’ll want to have as an option throughout the season. 

Here’s a look at some of the top new ground blinds for 2020.

Hawk - Scout Down & Out Panel Blind

Top Hunting Blinds For 2020
Hawk - Scout Down and Out Panel Blind

The Scout Down & Out panel blind has 6 panels, and uses an accordion fold design as well as their patented Blindfold technology. It can be put up or taken down without the use of tools, and is designed to be left out all season long.

It also comes with an Ez carry shoulder strap system and all steel stakes. Each panel measures at 27.5 inches wide by 61 inches tall. The diameter of the blind is 59 inches, the height at its peak is 74 inches, and it weighs in at 49 lbs.

It’s available now, and comes with a price tag of $560.

Ameristep - Pro Series Thermal Blind

Top Hunting Blinds For 2020
Ameristep Pro Series Thermal Blind

This Ameristep blind is made with insulated fabric on the roof, walls, and windows. It features a full-size walk through door and 12 large silent slide windows with mesh.

It also has a tie down system that consists of a carabiner and cam buckle rope ties for securely tying down the blind.

The Pro Series Thermal will be available in May, and has a price of $350.

Barronett Blinds - Ox 5

Top Hunting Blinds For 2020
Barronett-OX 5

The Barronett Ox 5 hub blind is a 4 person blind that features OxHide fabric, which is a 2 layer bonded fabric.

It has a silent slide window system that opens horizontally across 3 sides, and can slide to any height you prefer. It’s 72 inches in height, 96 inches in diameter, and weighs 33 pounds.

It has brush holders, features a D shaped door, is available now, and comes at a price of $300.

Trophy Treestands - Alamo Ground Blind

Top Hunting Blinds For 2020
Trophy Treestands Alamo Ground Blind

The Trophy Treestands Alamo isn’t available yet, so finding information about it was a little difficult. But what we do know, is that it’s a hub style blind that has a 360 degree silent sliding mesh window system.

It stands at 70 inches tall, is 77 inches in diameter, and has a weight of 19 pounds.

It comes in their dead leaf camo, will be available in July, and it retails for $180.

Cooper Hunting - Big Tom 3D Blind

Top Hunting Blinds For 2020

The Big Tom 3D, is a 2 man blind made for turkey hunting. It has 6 double panel windows with 2 way zippers, and is made of the Mossy Oak Obsession pattern with the 3D Leaf.

Fully extended, it stands at 60 inches tall by 72 inches wide.  Stakes are included with it, and it comes with interchangeable covers and a 1 year warranty.

It weighs 7 pounds, has an MSRP of $135, and is currently available.

Top Hunting Blinds - Conclusion

Be sure to give the blinds mentioned above a closer look for your ground pounding efforts while chasing turkeys this spring, or deer hunting in the fall.

They are the year’s best new options for greater comfort and concealment.

Brad Kaufmann
Brad is a full time employee with He works behind the scenes with both the Bowhunt or Die Webshow, and many of the videos and articles that produces.
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