Top Bow Sights for 2020

By Brodie SwisherFebruary 5, 2020

The ATA show never seems to dissappoint when it comes to the bow sight category. From plain and simple, to super sophisticated, there are bow sights of all kinds, and this year was no different. From top of the line single pin sights, to advancements in the multi-pin technology, our list of the best has something for everyone. In no particular order, here are the top bow sights from the 2020 ATA Show.

HHA – Tetra Max

The Tetra Max sight combines decades of time-tested features with the latest innovation for a sight like no other. Every Tetra Max sight includes two yardage wheels, making that switch between setups a snap. The pin size options include .010 and .019 inch pin, and they’re now offering a new 4-pin scope. It’s price ranges from $379.99 to $459.99 depending on options, and it’s currently available.


HHA Tetra Max

TruGlo – Veros

The Veros has a few new features for TruGlo this year. It’s a 5-pin sight that uses the TruGlo “Decreasing Diameter Pin” or DDP, which has a smaller pin for the farther distances, and a larger pin for the close distances. The elevation adjustment is now moved to the mid-bracket area. They also made the shooter’s ring a little thicker, a little brighter, and they’re using a more luminescent material to help in ground blinds, or low-light situations. It’s available now, and has an MSRP of $94.99

TruGlo Veros

Black Gold Sights – Ascent Mountain Lite

The new Ascent Mountain Lite is built on the “Whitetail” platform that they came out with in 2019, but it’s more compact and lighter than previous models, weighing in at 8.4 ounces. One of the newest features of this sight, is the dual indicator system. Each indicator needle is individually adjustable, and can be set to whichever pin you prefer. It comes in either a 3 pin, or 5 pin sight. Retail on this sight is $270, and it is available now.

top bow sights for 2020

Black Gold Ascent Mountain Lite

Axcel Sights – AccuTouch Carbon Pro

The AccuTouch Carbon Pro is a dovetail version of the AccuTouch Carbon, and it features a 6” carbon bar. This sight can be bought as a 3 or 5 pin sight with .010, or .019 pins that can be green, blue, yellow, or red fiber optic pins. Its price ranges from $329.99 to $459.99, and it’s available now.

top bow sights for 2020

AccuTouch Carbon Pro

Spot Hogg – Fast Eddie XL

The Fast Eddie XL features a newly designed 6 inch dovetail bar and bow mount. It’s easy to remove and reinstall while still maintaining perfect sight marks. It has a micro adjustable 2nd & 3rd axis, and coarse horizontal and vertical axes. It can be setup with a single, or double pointer for multiple pin configurations. It comes with a price tag between $289.99 and $384.99, and is available now.

top bow sights for 2020

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL

UltraView Archery – UltraView II Scope Kit

The UltraView II features a wireless battery on top, that is held in place by 2 magnets and can be removed if needed. The 2 versions of this sight feature either a sticker dot, or a center drilled piece of fiber, thus eliminating any pin obstruction. Mounts onto Axcel, Shibuya, Sure-Loc, B3, CBE, Black Gold or any sight that accepts 10-32 threaded rods. Price of the full setup ranges from $199 to $299, and is available now.

top bow sights for 2020

UltraView II Scope Kit

Trophy Ridge – Hotwire

This three-pin sight features two, micro-adjustable pins for fixed short distances and a third pin for accuracy at longer distances. Easily adjust the third pin with an adjustable tool-less knob. The three fiber optic pins are .019”. This sight is currently available now, and comes at a price of $169.99.

top bow sights for 2020

Trophy Ridge Hotwire

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Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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