Lone Wolf Custom Gear Double Step Climbing Sticks

By Brodie SwisherJanuary 23, 20201 Comment

Lone Wolf Custom Gear came in last year with some exciting new treestand designs for the mobile hunter. And they’re keeping pace for 2020 with additional lightweight products to help you shave the pounds in your run-n-gun deer hunting gear. One of the hottest pieces displayed at their booth this year was their new Lone Wolf Custom Gear Double Step Climbing Sticks. They are solid, lightweight, and stackable with an extremely low profile.

Take a closer look at the Lone Wolf Custom Gear Double Step Climbing Sticks in the video below…


As you can see in the video above, the new Double Step Climbing Sticks have an extremely low profile. This comes from their design that allows each stick to cradle within one another for a super slim setup. A 4-pack of these sticks, when stacked on top of each other, has a profile of less than 3 inches. That makes for a really slim mobile setup if you’re looking for a compact, lightweight climbing stick.

Double-Step-top - Lone Wolf Custom Gear Double Step Climbing Sticks

Solid in design and built to stack, these steps are perfectly suited for the minimalist.

The sticks are built tough. There’s no bending, flexing, or pivoting of the stick. The durable design features fixed contact points on the back side designed to settle tight to the tree without shifting or rotating.

Low-Profile-Double-Step - Lone Wolf Custom Gear Double Step Climbing Sticks

The slim design of the sticks make it one of the lowest profiles on the market.

Each stick is exactly 1.5lbs in weight, and they are 17 inches long. As with everything we’ve seen from these guys lately, attention to detail, fit, and function is second to none in the design process of these sticks. The way every part compliments each other is impressive.


Contact points on the back of the stick.

Check out the complete lineup of Lone Wolf Custom Gear at www.lonewolfcustomgear.com.

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