Hunter Safety System – Shadow Vest

By Brad KaufmannJanuary 10, 2020

The HSS Shadow Harness is a brand new safety harness that’s extremely lightweight, and simple to use. No more big fancy buckles, or worrying about straps hanging down and bugging you. Take a look at this new design:




The Shadow harness weighs in at a mere 27 oz. which is less than 2 pounds! It’s ultra-lightweight, super compact, and perfect for the hunter that likes to pack a lot of gear. It’s comfortable to have on under all your bulk layers, and won’t weigh you down.

This harness is lightweight, and extremely compact.


How It Works

Like we said, this harness is super simple, and easy to use. Instead of a buckle to connect the shoulder straps across the chest, there are 2 buttons that snap together. These are strong buttons that aren’t too loud, and are small enough that they won’t irritate you when worn under heavier clothing.

The 2 buttons snap into place, holding the shoulder straps together.

There are also two leg straps that snap in to a smaller version of their simple clips. These are easy to adjust, just like their previous harnesses, and don’t leave any dangling straps or loud clanking clips.

The leg straps have a more compact version of their typical clips.



Whether you’re a public land hunter trying to get away from everyone else, or a private land hunter that has a long walk to the stand, this is the perfect harness for you. Just like any other Hunter Safety System harness, there are no dangling straps like some of their competitors. It’s light, it’s compact, it retails at only $49.99, and most important, it’ll keep you safe while out in the woods!

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