Black Eagle Spartan Arrow Review

By Brodie SwisherOctober 10, 2019

Black Eagle Arrows have been shaking things up in recent years, both on the line and in the woods. The company is one of the newest in the arrow industry, but they’ve managed to carve out a place and become the arrow of choice for countless archers and bowhunters across the country. Their Spartan arrow was released several years ago and quickly found its way into the quivers of Black Eagle shooters. Here’s a closer look at why the Black Eagle Spartan arrow has become so popular among archers and bowhunters.


Take a closer look at why Spartan arrows are finding their way into the quiver of bowhunters across the country.

The Spartan Concept

With numerous options already in the Black Eagle lineup, why would the company tackle another arrow style? The goal was to meet the demand for an arrow that falls between two other heavy hitters in the Black Eagle arsenal. The Spartan was developed from taking the best characteristics from larger 19/64” and smaller 17/64” shafts. Black Eagle’s desire was to have the Spartan’s outside diameter to be small for maximum accuracy and penetration. However, as with larger arrows, they wanted the 100% carbon Spartan to utilize an insert for easier arrow removal and to reinforce the front of the shaft for bone-shattering impacts.


The Spartan was built for better accuracy and more penetration.

Benefits of the Spartan

The Spartan arrow is a performance arrow. As mentioned above, it’s a small (not micro) diameter arrow, which allows it provide better penetration without the wind drift. It’s the best of both worlds, providing maximum speed, yet still maintaining high kinetic energy.


The Spartan – speed plus kinetic energy.

True Spine Arrow

One aspect of the arrow that a lot of guys seem to appreciate is that the Spartan is a True Spine arrow. When it says 300 on the shaft, that means it is a 300 spine arrow. This is not the case with some other arrow manufacturers. The number on their shaft may or may not reflect actual arrow spine. It can be confusing, misleading and frustrating to hunters as they’re shopping new arrows.


What you see is what you get with True Spine arrows from Black Eagle.

Specs on the Black Eagle Spartan Arrow

The Spartan shafts are available in .001 (200 spine) and .003 straightness and a +/- 1 grain weight tolerance. They are available in shafts up to 32 inches. Components coming with the shafts include: Black Eagle Arrows R Nock (9 grains), Spartan Stainless Nock Bushings (10 grains), Spartan Stainless Steel inserts (26 grains).

Be sure to give Black Eagle Arrows a look when the time comes for buying new shafts for tournament archery or your next bowhunting adventure. The Spartan shafts sell for $148.99 a dozen. Check them out at


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