ScentLok BE:1 Fortress Parka & Bibs Review

By Justin ZarrSeptember 4, 2019

We got our first look at the prototype’s for the new BE:1 series from ScentLok during the 2019 ATA Show in January. Now that we’ve got the gear in our hands at the office, we wanted to see if the finalized products were really as nice as they looked earlier in the year. Without a doubt, the new BE:1 system is some of the best hunting gear we’ve ever seen from ScentLok. We decided to focus on the all new late-season “Fortress” system in our most recent video review.


The all new BE:1, or Bowhunter Elite: 1, series from ScentLok was designed with the bow hunter in mind. The BE:1 series consists of 3 separate systems that include a layered undergarment called the “Reactor” series, a mid/full season system called the “Voyage” series, as well as a late winter insulated, waterproof, and windproof system that’s called the “Fortress” series. In this video, we mainly focused on the new fleece “Fortress” series along with the new “Terra Gila” pattern from Mossy Oak, and the new “Excape” pattern from Realtree.


This heavy-duty parka is loaded with pockets and new designs to help you become a better hunter. It uses specifically mapped thinsulate insulation throughout the jacket so that there’s more insulation in places you need it like your core, and a little less insulation in places you don’t, like your sleeves.  One of the biggest improvements to the new jacket is the zippered sleeves. You can now unzip the sleeves so that your base layers don’t bunch up while pulling the jacket on over them. There are a total of 12 pockets on the jacket, including 2 pockets on the inside of both the right and left sides which can be used for putting extra hand warmers to keep your body warm during those late season hunts. The remaining 8 pockets on the outside of the jacket are perfect for a range finder, your cell phone, or calls. And one thing that is new this year is the mid-body buttoned pockets, that are perfect for keeping your hands in while on stand. Speaking of staying warm on stand, this parka is both windproof and waterproof, and it comes with a detachable hood that can be zippered on or off depending on how you like it. One of the last great features of this jacket is the concealed safety harness opening which is great for the hunter that likes to carry his heavy jacket to the stand. This way, there’s no need to remove the safety harness when layering up on stand.


The first thing you notice about the bibs is the fact that they’re extremely soft and quiet. They’re made from the same fleece material as the parka, so they’re also wind and waterproof. They come with very durable adjustable shoulder straps, and dual purpose pockets on both thighs. The half-zippered legs and full length center zipper allows for an easier time when putting the bibs on while wearing boots. Just like the parka, it has mapped thinsulate insulation, so there’s more insulation up higher in the core and upper leg portions, and less insulation below the knee.


Hopefully by the time late season weather hits, your tagged out with a nice buck or two. But if you’re in need of some deadly late season gear, the Fortress series from ScentLok might be the “go-to” suit that helps you get the job done this season!

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