Scentlok BE:1 Series Hunting Clothes

By Justin ZarrJanuary 12, 2019

LAST UPDATED: September 5th, 2019

One of the more exciting products that was released during the 2019 ATA Show was Bowhunter Elite: 1 series of hunting clothes, or BE: 1. The series of gear features 3 different tops and bottoms. The “React” suit is for a baselayer, “Voyage” is the mid weight suit, and for late season hunting, they’ve got the “Fortress” combo. This series of hunting clothes is unlike any other garments that Scentlok has made before. It is specifically designed with the bowhunter in mind, hence the name “Bowhunter Elite: 1.” The camo pattern they used for the release is the new O2 Whitetail pattern.

REACT (Early Season)

The “React” suit is designed as a lighter layer to be used as a base layer or on its own during a warm weather hunt. It’s made with an insulated layer, but only insulated where needed, like in the torso, shoulders, and outside of the arms. The bottoms were designed similarly to the top with the insulated layer in only the upper part of the legs. As you can see, the top also has thumb holes which are perfect as a base layer when adding on extra layers over top.


VOYAGE (Mid Season)

The “Voyage” suit is their mid weight jacket and pants for 2019. It can be compared to the “Taktix” from last year as far as warmth and usage, but from a technological standpoint they are a big improvement. They have a new camo pattern, better insulation in places that you need it, and better pockets. The inner fleece lining will keep you warm even when the temps drop down in to the 40’s and 50’s. Combine it with the React suit as a base layer, and you’re good well in to the 30’s.


FORTRESS (Late Season)

This year’s late season suit goes by the name of “Fortress.” This suit is definitely a need if you plan on hunting those late season deer when the temps dip down in to the teens and single digits. It’s got an ultra soft outer shell that’s both wind proof and waterproof. So it will keep you warm and quiet on those freezing cold days when you’re toughing it out in a tree stand. It comes with a removable hood and two extra pockets up high on the chest. That will come in handy if you’re like us and film your hunts, you can keep your hands up high so you’re ready to grab your camera and bow without making too much movement.


Here’s a look at our full first-look video of the new BE: 1 series from Scentlok:

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