Fourth Arrow Final Rest Review

By Brodie SwisherAugust 13, 2019

I’ve used a number of tripods and shooting sticks over the years in my endless search for the best shooting rest for my kids while deer or turkey hunting. We’ve used bipods, tripods, monopods and sandbags over the years to give our crossbow or gun a solid foundation. My kids started hunting at an early age, so giving them a solid shooting rest has been of the utmost importance. In more recent years, there have been several systems pop up that cradle the gun much like a gun vice. They’ve really helped raise the bar in creating a steady option for young shooters. However, I found several of the ones I have to be cheap in their plastic design, as well as noisy at the most crucial moments with animals in close. So when I heard about a new design coming out from Fourth Arrow, I was excited to see what the fuss was all about.


Looking for a better shooting rest this season? Check out the all-new Final Rest from Fourth Arrow.

The crew at Fourth Arrow has raised the bar in tree arms for videographers and self-film hunters across the country in recent years. Now they’re taking that same rock-solid support and launching a new category with their all new Final Rest shooting system. The Final Rest is designed to provide shooting bench accuracy for the crossbow hunter or gun hunter, regardless of whether they’re hunting from a blind or treestand. The following is our Fourth Arrow Final Rest review.


The Final Rest shooting system provides a complete shooting rest for hunting from the treestand or deer blind.

Out of the Box

Digging into the various boxes that the Final Rest components come in, you’ll find the gear that will provide you with the most solid rest yet for your crossbow or gun, whether hunting from the ground, deer blind, or treestand. Assembly is quick and easy without a lot of tools or effort.


The Final Rest, Pillar, and Triple Arm.

Want to see how the Final Rest works in the field? Take a closer look at the Final Rest in the video below to see how it performs in variety of scenarios and hunting situations…

First Impressions

As with their camera arms, the Final Rest system is smooth and steady. The Triple Arm Shooting Rest allows for extended reach and maximum mobility so you can get the shot as the animal moves about in front of your blind or treestand. It’s also built to be a quiet system, free from noisy squeaks and creaks as you rotate the arm or shooting rest.

fourth arrow final rest review Final-Rest-Triple-Arm

The Final Rest is smooth, steady and quiet.

Where It Works

As previously mentioned, you can use the Final Rest system in an elevated deer blind, treestand, or ground blind. The Fixed Blind Downpost Receiver allows you to mount the base to an existing wall or stud in your fixed blind or shooting house. You simply drill the base to the wall, and drop the arm into place.

fourth arrow final rest review - final-rest-mounted-in-blind

A fixed blind bracket allows you to mount the Final Rest at your favorite deer blind or shooting house.

You can also us the Pillar arm system when you’re hunting out of a hardshell blind or treestand for a portable option you can take with you when you’re done hunting. It basically works like a monopod that fastens to a side wall or shelf in the blind, or shooting rail of your ladder stand. It allows you to free up floor space and remove the clutter that often comes with tripod legs.

fourth arrow final rest review - Final-Rest-Treestand

The Pillar system is the monopod option that easily mounts on a treestand rail or window of your hardshell blind.

I had one of my boys climb into a ladder stand we keep in the yard for practice to try out the Final Rest on the Pillar Arm. Setup took less than a minute. It’s really simple – even for a 10-year-old boy. The ladder stand setup allows you to put your crossbow exactly where you want it. No more hunching over the shooting rail or taking risky shots without a solid rest. The Final Rest allows you to have your weapon exactly where it needs to be for the shot.

fourth arrow final rest review - Final-rest-shot

The Final Rest does all the dirty work for you. It’s the perfect option for giving kids a steady foundation.

There will be times when mounting the Final Rest to a window, wall or shooting rail is not an option. For example, when you’re hunting from a portable ground blind, or while sitting in the open for turkeys, predators, or deer. Fourth Arrow has you covered there too. The Final Rest easily attaches to a tripod giving you ample options for height, portability and maneuverability. So whether you’re sitting on a bucket, hunting stool, or with your butt on the ground, the Final Rest still provides the perfect base for your weapon.


The beauty of the Final Rest is that it offers shooting-bench accuracy in a portable system that you can carry with you, no matter where the hunt takes place. The system completely supports your gun or crossbow, front to back, enabling you to deliver the most accurate shot possible. It’s honestly the most smooth and simple design I’ve yet to find for hunting with my kids. My youngest son, Remi, is 6-years-old and is finally old enough to take part in the TN youth deer hunt. We’ll have the Final Rest in place with his weapon ready to roll when his first deer steps into the field this season. I can’t wait!

Prices for the Final Rest range from $149 – $349 depending on which package option you choose. Check out all the options and kits at

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