Obsession FX30 Bow Review

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We had the chance to spend some time with the Obsession crew earlier in the year while taking a look at the 2019 Lawless compound bow. We tested and reviewed that bow a while back. If you didn’t see it, check it out here – Lawless. But while talking with the Obsession guys, the comment was made, “If you like the Lawless, you’re really gonna like the FX30 compound bow.” It’s the bow Obsession built as the eastern hunter’s dream bow, with a shorter, lighter and faster design. At 30” axle-to-axle, the FX30 is designed with the treestand and hunting blind hunter in mind. So we made plans to get the Obsession FX30 in our hands to shoot, test, and review for our Bowhunting.com readers. Our Obsession FX30 Bow Review will give you a closer look at what we found.

FX30 Limbs

With its light and compact design, Obsession says the FX30 is the compound bow eastern hunters are sure to love.

First Impressions

The test bow I pulled from the box had a slick finish combination with Mossy Oak Bottomland limbs and a tan riser. It was a really sharp color scheme. And at nearly 3 inches shorter axle to axle than it’s big brother, the Lawless, the FX30 felt nice and compact in the hand. The 30″ axle to axle length has become my favorite length for an all-purpose hunting bow. This one looks sharp, feels well balanced, and seemed to be plenty maneuverable for treestand or ground blind hunting.

Obsession FX30 Bow Review -Unboxed

FX30 Unboxed

Specs on the Obsession FX30

Axle to Axle – 30″

Brace Height – 6″

Draw Length – 24.5″ – 30.0″ / Half sizes – 24.5 – 29.5″

Draw Weight – 40 lbs, 50 lbs, 60 lbs, 65 lbs, 70 lbs, 80 lbs

Bow Weight – 4.0 lbs

Let-Off – 85%

Price – $999

Obsession FX30 Color Options

Obsession offers a variety of color options to allow you to customize the bow you want. You can mix camo and solid colors for the limbs and risers to give you something, simple, fresh or even funky.

Riser Color Options


Limb Color Options

Obsession Limb Color

Obsession TRAX Cam

The FX30 is built with Obsession’s all-new TRAX Cam. Obsession says it was the answer to the demand for an even faster cam system and greater performance. The team says this cam features the fastest speeds and highest let-off in Obsession history. The TRAX cam system was built with 6061 Alloy Aluminum, high-performance draw-specific modules that no longer require a bow press. It seemed to load a little heavy on the draw, but it’s a smooth drawing cam system, for sure.


FX30 Cam

Noise and Vibration Dampening

The Obsession crew takes pride in making some of the quietest bows on the market. However, for 2019, they’ve taken things a step further to build an even quieter bow by pairing up with the Axion Limb Dampener system to achieve the ultimate in noise and vibration control. The end result is not only a quieter bow, but also a more accurate shot. It’s a quiet rig. The guys have done a good job at taking the twangs and bangs from their overall bow design.

Obsession FX30 Bow Review -Axion-Dampener

FX30 Axion Dampener

Torqueless Angled Cable Rod

Built for increased speeds and a smoother draw cycle, the Torqueless Angled Cable Rod also reduces cam lean and torque for smoother draw with every shot. It’s simple enough in design that you can easily overlook this feature, but it’s one that pays off big in reducing cam lean and providing a smoother draw.


FX30 Angled Cable Rod

The Grip

The grip on the FX30 is slim and simple. It’s set forward in the riser with a design to help eliminate torque. They call it their TorqueLess Custom Grip. It was built to produce consistent hand alignment and more accurate shooting shot after shot. The grip felt good to me. It was solid in my hand. No slipping and sliding, and I didn’t have to try and maneuver it in my hand once at full draw. It fell right in place and sat nice and natural in my hand. It’s also got wood side plates that can be removed with a single Allen screw, if you so desire.

Obsession FX30 Bow Review -Grip

FX30 Grip

Adjustable String Suppressor Rod

Another new feature for 2019 is Obsession’s all-new Adjustable String Suppressor Rod. As the name implies, there’s plenty of adjustability built into this rod to allow you to tweak it for maximum performance. The rod not only reduces vibration but also provides a more consistent arrow exit at the shot.

Obsession FX30 Bow Review -String-Suppressor

FX30 String Suppressor

FX Riser Design

The risers on Obsession bows are distinct. There’s no mistaking the design built into what some call the toughest bow riser on the market. The FX riser is the foundation for the performance and accuracy Obsession strives to achieve. Their signature FX Riser design reduces flex while adding superior stability during your draw cycle.


FX30 Riser

FX30 Speed and Performance

I shot a variety of arrows through the chrono with the FX30 to get an idea of what it could do in the way of speed and performance. The test bow was a 28″ draw length bow with a draw weight of 70.5 pounds. I shot four arrows, including a Easton Axis weighing 398 grains, CX Maxima Red at 423 grains, Easton FMJ at 455 grains, and a Victory shaft at 545 grains. Here’s how they measured up through the chrono…

Easton Axis – 398 grains – 298 fps

CX Maxima Red – 423 grains – 289 fps

Easton FMJ – 455 grains – 280 fps

Victory CarbonTrad – 545 grains – 258 fps

Obsession FX30 Bow Review Axis-298-FPS

Our 398 grain arrow rang up at 298 fps.

Obsession FX30 Bow Review – Conclusion

This is easily the best shooting Obsession bow we’ve laid hands on over the last several years. It loads a little heavy on the draw, but once in place it is rock solid and very well balanced. The 85% let-off keeps you locked in and comfortable. It’s a great size bow that will be an easy tote to the woods, and with plenty of color options this bow has a little something for everybody. Give it a look at your local Obsession dealer or online at www.obsessionbows.com.





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