Burris Oracle Bow Sight Review

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One of the most intriguing new bow sights for 2019 is the new Burris Oracle rangefinding bow sight. It created a lot of buzz at the 2019 ATA Show and has raised a lot of eyebrows ever since. It’s another high-tech and sophisticated bow sight, but it seems to be addressing some of the problems and issues evident in other bow sights before it. Take a closer look at the sight in our Burris Oracle Bow Sight Review.


The Oracle is a machine built for accuracy.

Unboxing the Burris Oracle Bow Sight

Digging into the contents of the box can be a bit overwhelming at first. The Oracle is pretty much a machine. It’s got parts, pieces, a battery and even a laser. If you’re looking for a plain and simple sight without the bells and whistles, this is not your bow sight. But if you’re drawn to the tech side of bowhunting gear, and want to try a new way to simplify the process of ranging your target, even at full draw, read on.


The Oracle is one of the most talked about bow sights of the year.


Here’s what you’ll find inside the box.

What It Does

The Burris Oracle bow sight was designed to instantly give the shooter the exact distance to the target and exact aiming point. The concept is pretty slick in that it allows you to say goodbye to guessing, hoping and praying that you got the right distance to the target. It also eliminates pin-gapping or floating a pin on your target. You get the distance you need, put the pin on the target and shoot. It also makes using the wrong pin a thing of the past.


Range your target in an instant, even at full draw.

How It Works

The built-in rangefinder measures the exact distance to the target, instantly calculates the perfect aim point and shows you the perfect aiming drop point. It’s push-button activated, so you simply place the range button where you want it for quick and easy ranging.

The button can be attached wherever is most comfortable and accessible for the shooter.

Some of the high-tech bow sights we’ve seen in the past have failed to address extreme angle shot compensation. That’s not the case with the Burris Oracle. The Oracle has a built-in inclinometer designed to give you accurate distances, even on extreme angled shots.
Some of the other bow sights that came before the Oracle featured glass, making it difficult, often impossible, to use when the conditions turned wet or icy. The Oracle was designed with zero glass to avoid malfunction and breakdowns when the weather gets nasty. With much of our hunting adventures taking place in less than ideal weather conditions, a weather-proof bow sight is a must. Burris nailed it on this feature.
The sight also features an optional rear sight mount for even greater accuracy. Think of it like the rear sight on a rifle. It allows for better alignment and elimination of torque.

No glass in the scope – no worries with the weather.

How It’s Built

Knowing the bow sight will take its fair share of abuse from the bowhunter, Burris designed the Oracle to be built with all aluminum construction to handle whatever you dish out. As mentioned above, there is no glass in the design of this bow sight. The result is weatherproof performance. There’s no glass to fog up, get scratched or glare in the sun. It’s also built with locking micro adjustment knobs, a fail-safe 20 yard fixed pin, and 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. The sight is available in right and left hand models.


Power and control buttons on the Oracle.

The sight seems to be solid in design and construction. But should you ever have an issue, the company offers what they call their Forever Warranty. It’s a no-questions-asked warranty that will repair or replace the Oracle if it is damaged or defective. The warranty even covers the electronics.

burris oracle bow sight review - Burris-Top-Switch

The Oracle is well designed and engineered to be a high-tech option for greater accuracy on the range and in the woods.

Benefits of the Burris Oracle Bow Sight

We’re in a time where more and more archers are realizing the benefit of long-distance practice. Shooters are looking for gear that will allow them to make shots at 100 yards and beyond. The Oracle will help increase shooting distances out to 80-110 yards. It accommodates up to 176 MOA (184 inches of drop at 100 yards.) It also stores two different trajectory curves for different arrows or draw weight and is compatible with arrow speeds from 200-420 feet per second.
burris oracle bow sight review - Burris-Battery-Install

Know the distance with this beefy bow sight powered with a long-life lithium battery.

Sighting In

The process for sighting in the Oracle has its fair share of steps. We could probably spend a whole article on the ins and outs of getting it dialed in, but the short version is that you’ll sight in your bow at 20 yards using the precision micro-adjustment locks and dials. Next, you align the sight’s laser rangefinder to your 20-yard pin with the included red laser that mounts on board. Once completed, you’ll need to calibrate the sight by sighting in two additional distances. One at 30 yards and one at 40 yards. After the calibration process is complete, you’re ready to shoot.

burris oracle bow sight review - Burris-On-Target

Despite the sophistication of this sight, sighting it in is surprisingly simple. Above you’ll see the sight-in sheet used to align the 20 yard sight and laser.

The included owner’s manual and setup instructions make the process of setup and sighting in much easier than can be explained here. Yes, it seems like a lot at first glance. But, the step by step instructions greatly simplify the process.

burris oracle bow sight review - Oracle-on-Bow

Looking for a sight with a rangefinder built in? The Oracle has it all.

Burris Oracle Bow Sight Review – Conclusion

The Oracle is slick. After giving it a closer look, it is not some hokey gimmick like others we seen over the years. It’s a well designed machine that will help you you range your target and give you the exact pin to use. Just know, this beefed up technology will come at a price. The Oracle sells for $799 at Lancaster Archery Supply. The sight also comes in a little on the heavy side. It weighed in at 1.1 pounds on our LCA Bow Scale. For a comparison, we weighed the HHA Optimizer Lite bow sight. It weighed in at .5 pounds. With that said, you must keep in mind, this is a sight and rangefinder built in one. There’s a lot of technology packed in to this small little package. Give it a look at your local archery dealer or visit them online at www.burrisoptics.com.


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