Best Wild Game Meat to Eat

By Brodie SwisherMay 24, 20192 Comments

There’s a really exciting movement across the country these days where the non-hunting community is being drawn to the hunting world through an introduction to wild game at the table. And it honestly extends much further, as vegans and anti-hunters are even seeing the light thanks to a hunting friend that was gracious enough to share some fine table fare with them. But for anyone that delves into the world of eating wild game, the question will sooner or later come – whats the best wild game meat to eat?

This is obviously a very subjective question. Opinions vary widely depending on hunting experience, where you’re from, and the cook in the kitchen. But some meats find their place at the top regardless of who you ask. Elk, axis deer, antelope, whitetail deer and turkey routinely find themselves at the top for hunters across the country. Nonetheless, we took our question to some of the experts across the country to see where they stood on the best wild game meat to eat.


What’s the best wild game meat to eat? That all depends on who you ask. (Photo: @fieldtoplate)

Danielle Prewett @MeaterEater

I reached out to the MeatEater crew to gather their thoughts on the best wild game meat to eat. I connected with their newest Wild Foods Contributing Editor, Danielle Prewett. Prewett lives a lifestyle that’s dedicated to hunting wild places and cooking wild foods, as evidenced by her Wild and Whole website. When asked about the best wild game, Danielle quickly responded with, “That’s a trick question!” “It’s the ones that are cooked the best,” she added. Danielle admits that narrowing her favorite down to five is really tough, but said hers would definitely be, 1) Axis Deer 2) Antelope 3) Mallard Duck 4) Turkey 5) Dove. She also threw in a bonus bird that certainly caught my attention – Snow Goose.


Danielle has the snow goose game figured out – both in the field and on the table.

I asked Prewett about her selection of snow goose. After all, snow goose is the bird that you can’t seem to give away at the end of the hunt. In fact, you’ll typically find snow goose at the bottom of the list when it comes to best meat eats. But not for Prewett.

“Despite what people think, snow goose can be cooked insanely tender and delicious,” says Prewett. “Just check out the recipe on the MeatEater site, called SteakHouse Goose.”

best wild game meat to eat - SteakhouseGoose

Who knew snow goose could be so good? (Photo: @wildandwhole)

Jeremiah Doughty @FromFieldtoPlate

I first heard of Jeremiah Doughty while listening to the Primos podcast with Lake Pickle. The conversation of the podcast left me hungry. It motivated me to want to do a better job with the wild game I prepare. It was evident that Doughty knew his stuff when it came to the best of the best in cooking wild game. Doughty is the man behind a wild game eating movement called From Field to Plate. He has a passion for helping hunters enjoy wild game to the fullest.

Like Prewett, Doughty admits that the best meat to eat may surprise you. After all, we’re talking about the guy who enjoys cooking and eating coyote (more on that story soon). But when pushed to picking his favorite meats, Doughty admits his favorites are 1) Antelope 2) Elk 3) Specklebelly Goose 4) Moose 5) Teal Duck.

best wild game meat to eat - doughty-axis-2

Axis deer may not be the wildest of wild game you’ll find across the country, but the meat is second is to none.

Doughty’s website is committed to helping people learn to love wild game more than ever before. He says he is a, “Organic Meat Harvester.” “I do not hunt for a trophy, for the prize. I hunt for the joy of knowing where my food comes from. I hunt for the adventure. My goal is to teach others that the meat you put on your table can not only look great, but taste even greater.”


The quality of meat you put on the table is largely dependent on how you handle the butchering process. (Photo: @fieldtoplate)

Jimmy Primos @primoshunting

Mr. Jimmy Primos of Primos Hunting can hold his own when it comes to cooking wild game. But one of the things I love the most about the man is that he likes to eat almost as much as I do. He knows good grub and wild game when he tastes it. And though he’s been around the world chasing critters, many of his favorites are animals from close to home. In fact, with the exception of elk, the animals on his list can all be found in his home state of Mississippi. What are his favorites? 1) Elk 2) Whitetail Deer 3) Turkey 4) Quail 5) Rabbit.
best wild game meat to eat - Jimmy-Primos-Buck

Whitetail deer are one of Mr. Jimmy’s favorites – both to hunt and eat.

We want to hear from you. What is your favorite wild game meat to eat? Comment below and let us know what you want in the freezer the most.



Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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