Total Archery Challenge Wrapped Up

By Brodie SwisherMay 20, 2019

It’s been a busy weekend for archers and bowhunters in Belvidere, Tennessee at the Total Archery Challenge. We had the chance to meet and greet bowhunters from across the country as they came by the booth to sign up to win some BHOD swag and swap stories about hunts gone by. It’s always fun to hang out and make new friends and connections that will extend into the years ahead. That’s the beauty of these Total Archery Challenge events. They bring bowhunters together in a beautiful setting for the shared love of launching arrows down range.

total archery challenge - shooters-on-trail

The Total Archery Challenge events are all about good times with great friends, sharing the passion for bowhunting.

Tennessee was the second stop of the season for the Total Archery crew after their kick-off in San Antonio, Texas. Next week they’ll be kicking off a new event in Vermont, followed by events in Pennsylvania, Michigan, South Dakota, Utah, and Montana. “It’s a 3D archery experience that continues to grow each year,” says Sean DeGrey, Total Archery Challenge owner. A number of the events across the country sell out in a matter of days, with attendances ranging from 700 to over 2000 shooters.

total archery challenge - TAC-Trailer

The Total Archery Challenge semi-trailer is making the rounds this summer across the country.

We found attendees ranged from hunting buddies to whole families coming out to participate. It’s a great opportunity to spend the day on a challenging 3D course, eat BBQ and shop around the vendor area, play corn-hole with friends or relax and shoot arrows on the practice range. There’s even a kids’ range with targets of all sizes for them to enjoy.

Bowhunter and country music artist, Andy Griggs, came out for a concert during the event. He talked hunting, discussed the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and sang a few crowd favorites as the sun went down over the mountain.


Andy Griggs performed during the TAC event in Belvidere, TN.

If you’ve yet to take part in the Total Archery Challenge experience, be sure to check it out when it comes to your neck of the woods in the days ahead. Whether you’re camping out on location, or staying at the local resort, it’s as close to a hunting camp experience as you’ll find during the off-season. Don’t miss it!

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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