Trespasser Busted By Hunter on Film: What Would You Have Done?

By Brodie SwisherMay 15, 201921 Comments

Hunt on private land long enough and sooner or later you’ll likely have a run-in with a trespasser. Depending on where you live, it may happen more often than you realize. The question is, will you be prepared to handle the situation should it arise on the property you are hunting? In this post I’m going to re-share the story we brought out several years ago when I busted a trespasser on my property. The “trespasser busted by hunter” topic is one that typically gets guy riled up, but the point of this post is to get you thinking, “What would I have done in this situation?”

trespasser busted by hunter on film

What would you do if you encountered a trespasser on your property?

My family and I were building a new house on a little 50 acre chunk of property several years ago when the incident occured. I was hunting one afternoon in a food plot just 200 yards from the unfinished house we had been working on all week. I had a big doe in the food plot and was preparing to come to full draw when something up the creek caught her attention. She went on high alert before spooking and running back into the timber.

A moment later, a black blob came crawling out of the creek. I first thought it was a turkey, but soon realized it was some dude in a black hoodie. He came walking across the food plot, headed towards the house. When he noticed the ground blind I was sitting in, he made his way over to take a peek. He had no clue I was sitting inside the blind until he was about 5 yards away and I shouted, “What are you doing!”

It scared him so bad he about flipped over. He immediately went into scramble mode trying to make up a story as to what he was doing on my property.

Watch the video of the encounter here:


Trespasser Busted by Hunter on Film – Conclusion

After watching the video, how do you think you would have handled the situation? What would you have done differently? Have you ever had to confront a trespasser on your property? Did it go well? Comment below and let us hear about your experience with a trespasser. And be sure to put a game plan together ahead of time as to how you’ll confront a trespasser. Be prepared, and you’ll likely have a smoother encounter when it comes your way.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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