Trespasser Busted By Hunter on Film: What Would You Have Done?

Hunt on private land long enough and sooner or later you’ll likely have a run-in with a trespasser. Depending on where you live, it may happen more often than you realize. The question is, will you be prepared to handle the situation should it arise on the property you are hunting? In this post I’m going to re-share the story we brought out several years ago when I busted a trespasser on my property. The “trespasser busted by hunter” topic is one that typically gets guy riled up, but the point of this post is to get you thinking, “What would I have done in this situation?”

trespasser busted by hunter on film

What would you do if you encountered a trespasser on your property?

My family and I were building a new house on a little 50 acre chunk of property several years ago when the incident occured. I was hunting one afternoon in a food plot just 200 yards from the unfinished house we had been working on all week. I had a big doe in the food plot and was preparing to come to full draw when something up the creek caught her attention. She went on high alert before spooking and running back into the timber.

A moment later, a black blob came crawling out of the creek. I first thought it was a turkey, but soon realized it was some dude in a black hoodie. He came walking across the food plot, headed towards the house. When he noticed the ground blind I was sitting in, he made his way over to take a peek. He had no clue I was sitting inside the blind until he was about 5 yards away and I shouted, “What are you doing!”

It scared him so bad he about flipped over. He immediately went into scramble mode trying to make up a story as to what he was doing on my property.

Watch the video of the encounter here:


Trespasser Busted by Hunter on Film – Conclusion

After watching the video, how do you think you would have handled the situation? What would you have done differently? Have you ever had to confront a trespasser on your property? Did it go well? Comment below and let us hear about your experience with a trespasser. And be sure to put a game plan together ahead of time as to how you’ll confront a trespasser. Be prepared, and you’ll likely have a smoother encounter when it comes your way.

Brodie Swisher

Brodie Swisher

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Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
Brodie Swisher


  1. Man you handled it a lot better than i would have. This is the reason i carry my pistol with me when i am bow hunting. Seems like a lot of “meth heads” and “crack heads” ruin everything and are all over the place in a rural area. Good on you confronting him and good job keeping your cool!

  2. Glenn A Beckham says:

    Hunting season and he ruined my hunt for the day, YES, I would be pissed and let him know it. Just being in the woods and see someone on my property, also enjoying the woods. Ask them who they are, IF they live close, and just what they are doing. Just out enjoying nature, no big deal, ruin my hunt BIG DEAL.

  3. Gary Elliott says:

    Brodie I remember when you first posted this and I was impressed with the way you handled it and I guess I would have handled much the same way but louder and maybe have gotten out of the blind, lol
    Weird feeling when people appear on your property when they aren’t suppose to be there.

  4. John Torchick says:

    Had a friend who was hunting private land. He saw a person who was not supposed to be hunting there as he was the only one permitted. He called the sheriff who took care of the trespasser. I don’t think the trespasser knew there was anyone else around. I was raised on a dairy farm in central Ohio. Had the problem all year. My father would pass the local swimming hole and the lower part of our farm after milking on another farm. Call the constable who wrote lots of citations. If he worked on commission, he could have retired a millionaire.

  5. Your a whole lot calmer than me. Been there so many times. Usually it’s me calling out I have the DEC on speed dial. Once I tracked a guy to the middle of my land as my husband took his plate number at the road. I had my all orange hunting gear on and my gun so I went in . He was hiding in the bushes when I caught up to him and said “Ok step out here now” WELL when he saw I was a woman he puffed up his chest and stepped up on me yelling ” Who the hell do you think you are? ” Well I reached out and snatched him up by a fist full of his coat at his right shoulder yanking him forward and around , it startled him. I said (cleaned up version) I’m the owner who’s arresting you so shut the ( blank) up while I write down your tag number, my husband has your van plate and the Dec is on speed dial in my pocket. That deflated him. Then he said he was !leaving the way he wanted and I said no your not. I made that one long walk me chewing off his ear the entire time. Half way out he says,, ” But mama can I talk to your husband he may be more reasonable. I made him wish THAT never left his foolish mouth…lol 75.00 fine.

  6. I caught a guy hunting out of my tree stand on my property. He refused to get out of the stand. I cut the tree down with him in the stand.

    • Billy Mabry says:

      That is just Country gangster brother. I love it.

  7. If you know who he was just run him off call the cops

  8. chris hughes says:

    Had a similar thing happen a couple years ago. i was in a elevated blind watching a food plot except the guy that came on my property had a rifle…………was not wearing orange and crawled himself right up under a cedar tree to watch the same food plot. i let him get comfortable ……….and somehow he did not see me climb down ( with my orange on) . i yelled to him from under blind to unload his gun which i watched him do with binos……………..walked across and confronted him ( he was squirrel hunting according to him). Got his name and took his pic………….Wildlife paid him a visit next day and arrested him for outstanding warrants. I found all his info on FACEBOOK after i got his name and pic.

  9. Billy Mabry says:

    Had a similar thing happen once about 20 years ago. I was deer hunting on acre farm owned by my cousin. He told me to watch out because he had a tree stand stolen the day before. Back then, tree stands were not as advanced and I was NOT a fan of tree stands. So…I am camouflaged up and hidden in a thicket waiting on some does to move through the field. A few minutes go by and all the sudden I see an old Ford Ranger truck come down the side of the field? Didn’t recognize it but the road leads to the barn so I figured it was someone my cousin knew because they had to open 2 gates to get back there. Years as Deputy Sheriff had forced me to pay attention to small details. As the truck rolled past…I noticed a black trash bag covering the license plate. Spider sense kicked in. Sure enough…I watched them go to the barn and start messing around inside. So I ran over and LOCKED the field gate….since I had the lock and key…😎 No cell phones back then so I fired off 4 rounds from my 9MM. Never seen 2 guys run SO fast around the side if a barn and jump into the truck and speed down a dirt field path…only to find they were locked in at the gate.🤣🤣 So I fired off about 6 more rounds and they jumped that gate and left their truck with the keys still in the ignition along with the smell of what they left in their pants at that point. My cousin heard all the gun fire and drove up from the back gate and we “disabled” their truck ever so “eloquently”. I got the tag and VIN number and he went back to the house and called the Sheriff’s Office…who came out. Guess what was in the back of the truck? The stolen tree stand and a battery from his tractor. Old boys got caught a mile down the road and spent a few lovely days in the county jail.

    So to be honest, you handled your scenario very well compared to how I enjoyed terrorized two goofballs. I still laugh to this day thinking about them leaving their truck and jumping over that gate and running at the sound of gunfire 30 feet away. 🤣🤣 They never even saw where it was coming from!! Priceless!! Thanks for sharing your video. Brought back a hilarious memory from many years ago.


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