Best Bowfishing Gear for 2019

By Brodie SwisherApril 4, 2019

Warmer weather is on the way, and the best days of the year for bowfishing won’t be far behind. The sport of bowfishing continues to grow each year as it extends the opportunities for bowhunters to stay active with live targets throughout the spring and summer months. And as the sport continues to grow, so does the technology and advancements in bowfishing gear with each passing season. Here’s a look at some of the best bowfishing gear for 2019.  

Muzzy Bowfishing Gaff ($24.99)

When you’re going after big fish, you better have the tools to get those big fish in the boat. A lot of fish are lost each season by shooters that simply try to pull their fish into the boat with the line or arrow. It can be a heartbreaker to watch some of the biggest and best fish fall back into the water. Don’t let this happen to you! Use a gaff this year for safely getting your fish in the boat. 

The new Muzzy Gaff features a 24″ aluminum handle with a steel hook up front to provide peace of mind as you land your fish. It’s lightweight and easily stored out of the way when not in use. The gaff features a rubber foam handle for added comfort as you work fish into the boat.

Muzzy Gaff Muzzy Gaff

Cajun Bowfishing Gaff ($29.99)

The crew at Cajun Bowfishing also delivers a new bowfishing gaff for 2019. Like the Muzzy mentioned above, the Cajun Bowfishing Red Gaff is 24 inches long with a stainless steel hook and heavy-duty aluminum pole. This gaff is equipped with a foam handle and wrist strap so you don’t lose it when working fish.

Cajun Fish Gaff Cajun Fish Gaff

Muzzy Lighted Carbon Composite Fish Arrow ($24.99)

The newest arrow design from Muzzy was built to light things up and add even more excitement to your bowfishing adventure. The Carbon Composite Arrow Shaft was designed to be rugged and dependable to provide plenty of use on the water. It’s cross-holed drilled and includes a lighted green X nock to light things up when bowfishing at night.

Multiple options allow you to pick your choice of preferred fish tips to be installed. You can also choose arrows with or without a bottle slide for bottle reel shooters.

Muzzy-lighted-carbon-composite Muzzy Lighted Carbon Composite Fish Arrow

Oneida Arrow Rest ($49.95)

Oneida is now offering a solid trough-style arrow rest that sits light and tight to your bow shelf for one of the most accurate shots you can achieve. The all-metal rest is easily attached with just one stainless steel screw.

This no-hassle rest design makes loading quick and easy and allows for smooth launch of your bowfishing arrow when the opportunity arises.

Oneida-Arrow-Rest Oneida Arrow Rest

Mantis II Bowfishing Arrow Rest ($39.99)

Few things are as frustrating as an arrow that won’t stay where you want it while bowfishing. The result is missed opportunities and blown shots on fish. Say goodbye to those issues with the new Muzzy Mantis II Bowfishing Arrow Rest. It’s been beefed up to make a great rest even better for 2019. 

The rest features an anodized aluminum frame with a full containment, No Trap door. It’s built to last with a No-Wear Delrin arrow pad for years of use. It’s high visibility color allows it to easily be seen when bowfishing at night for quick reference when loading arrows. It also has laser etched markings for windage, as well as a rotatable frame for elevation adjustments and alignment so you can tune it to best fit your setup.

Muzzy Mantis II Arrow Rest Muzzy Mantis II Arrow Rest

Q.D. Lock Block Arrow Quiver ($9.90)

The crew at Quick Draw Outdoor Gear is always on the move to build practical gear that makes life easier on bowfishing men and women. Their new LOCK BLOCK is a single arrow holder made from durable rubber with a custom molded  design to hold your arrow securely in place when not in use. It’s a fool-proof design that won’t let you down, can’t break and will always keep your arrow at the ready between use or when in commute to your next fishing destination.

The Lock Block attaches to your bow’s riser quick and easy with two provided screws.


Q.D. Lock Block Q.D. Lock Block

Muzzy Shoot-Through Rod ($29.99)

Muzzy’s new shoot-through rod allows you to more efficiently fight fish, while protecting your equipment at the same time. These rods were designed to extend the life of your reel by reducing side torque on the reel’s main shaft. The rod allows your line to flow freely from the spool, and there’s nothing for line to get wrapped around.

It’s built with stainless-steel construction for long life and to hold up in wet conditions. It’s available for spin-cast and bottle reel options.


muzzy-shoot-through-rod Muzzy Shoot-Through Rod

Muzzy Vice Bowfishing Kit ($299.99)

The Muzzy Vice Compound Bowfishing Bow kit is a great option for the beginner bowfishermen or seasoned shooter. It’s priced right so you can jump into the sport without breaking the bank. The bow comes with Finger Guards installed and is rigged with the popular XD Pro Push-Button Reel with Integrated Reel Seat and pre-spooled with 150′ of Tournament Test Line.

The kit also features Muzzy’s Fish Hook arrow rest and includes a fish arrow with the Muzzy Carp Point up front. It truly is an all-in-one setup to get you on the water fast and easy with everything you need.

Muzzy Vice Bow Muzzy Vice Bow

AMS Hooligan Bow ($349.99-$499.99)

AMS continues to build on their solid line of bowfishing gear for the bowfishing community with their new Hooligan bow. AMS says the Hooligan is as smooth drawing and as lightweight as they come, and with its RAP (Rapid Adjustment Posts) Cam System the bow was designed to pack a punch. The RAP cams feature Rapid Adjustment Posts at 40# and 50# and a unique no-let-off system affords perfect draw force curve at optimal efficiency/power at any draw weight.

The Hooligan offers a 24–50 pound draw weight and a 32″ max draw length and is simple to adjust with a single tool. No bow press is needed to adjust or swap bowstrings.


AMS Hooligan AMS Hooligan

Cajun Shore Runner Bow ($299.99)

Cajun Bowfishing makes a big move for 2019 with a number of new products for bowfishing. One of the biggest is their new Shore Runner Bow Kit. It’s a versatile bow designed to meet the needs of the rookie or seasoned bowfisherman alike. The constant draw cam provides easy tuning no matter your draw length out to 29 inches. It’s a 32-inch axle-to-axle bow that features a 15 to 45-pound draw weight range and doesn’t need a bow press for adjustments.

Cajun Shore Runner Cajun Shore Runner

Cajun Fish Stick Pro ($249)

Looking for a more packable bowfishing rig this year? The all-new Fish Stick Pro bowfishing bow delivers a ready to shoot package in a take-down design with everything you need to hit the water. The take-down design makes it a great option for packing anywhere and everywhere your bowfishing adventure takes you. It measures 56 inches long with a peak draw weight of 45 lbs. The Fish Stick Pro comes with the Spin Doctor bowfishing reel, a red reel seat, a Brush Fire arrow rest, and a Piranha arrow and point. The Fish Stick Pro also includes a no-slip grip and Blister Buster finger pads for a consistent shot every time.

Cajun Fish Stick Pro Cajun Fish Stick Pro

Cajun Fiberglass Arrow with 4-Barb Stinger ($21.99)

The Cajun Bowfishing Fiberglass Arrow gets an upgrade for 2019 with improved shaft design made of durable red fiberglass. The shaft features the 4 Barb Stinger Point up front for great fish-holding ability on soft flesh fish, yet quick fish removal after the shot.

Cajun Fiberglass Arrow with 4 Barb Stinger Cajun Fiberglass Arrow with 4 Barb Stinger

TRUGLO Spring Fisher Bowfishing Point ($12.99)

TRUGLO adds to their bowfishing line for 2019 with their new Spring Fisher bowfishing point. It has a spring-locking barb design for greater fish holding ability. It’s a 320 grain head made from premium grade, hardened stainless steel.

Once you get your fish in the boat, the head allows for quick fish release without having to unscrew the tip.

TRUGLO Spring Fisher TRUGLO Spring Fisher

Innerloc DX2 Adapter ($18.99)

As if Innerloc didn’t already make some of the best fish-holding arrow points in the business, they’ve taken things a step further for 2019 with the introduction of their new DX2 adapter for even greater fish holding ability. The new DX2 adapters give you the option to double the holding power of the Innerloc Grapple and Gripper points. You simply screw the adapter on in place of the regular tip. It’s that simple. The company says the added weight helps with deep water accuracy and penetration.

Innerloc DX2 Innerloc DX2
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